Multiple Role Plays Of Language

Is language only good enough for communicating or does it have any other purpose ? Read ahead to know the multiple role plays of language.

We use language to communicate our feelings, our emotions, the thoughts swinging in our minds, etc,etc. It is such a helpful tool that a human has discovered to convey his/her feelings towards others. 

We all speak different languages like- French, Spanish, Italian, Latin,and a thousands of others, but the common thing is that though we use different words our ultimate goal is to convey what we feel. Those who are not good at expressing, find themselves comfortable in penning down their emotions.

But, language also depends on who is interpreting it ( Give it a thought!!)

Language plays multiple roles- deceptive, elusive, disguised and etc.

Many scholars have used language as codes to be decoded by their followers only or have painted scriptures with hidden messages in them or even geometrical figures with some kind of secrecy in them, which all contributes to the fact that we all have been using language as a kind of shield to protect our real thoughts underneath. Let us say, play writers like – Shakespeare or Chaucer or Marlowe or Homer – writing things but meaning something else, which we studying deeply could understand the profundity with which they have been written.

One person decipher the language according to his/her own favourable conditions. Don’t we do that all the time? We just decipher it in whatever we wanna decipher it. For ex- A friend saying to us sarcastically, but we misunderstanding it and taking it as a compliment instead. So, what does it show? It shows that whatever our ” I ” wants to accept is that what we see from our “EYES”.

So, all my point is that when we carefully peel out the layers, we come across the real meaning, then only we get to know how beautiful this invention of LANGUAGE is. Some people using the language so loosely while other using it so carefully ( choosing words carefully).

It becomes a positive tool when the man knows it’s value and could even influence people with his/her words. 

I must say, the art of writing or even speaking is really a gift to certain people by God.

“Some can create big wonders with this tool while some, blunders!!”

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