Angels And Demons – Dan Brown

A Dan Brown Classic!


Okay, so am still experiencing this book’s hangover!!

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If I have to sum up the review for this book then, I would say – AMAZING.

Yes, it truly is fantastic. I think am in love with this author- Dan Brown ( sexy writer). I was feeling the adrenaline rush same as our Harvard Professor Robert Langdon, a symbol connoisseur (protagonist) was feeling.

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I would say I got a trip of the whole of the sacred Vatican City, Rome, through this book, while sitting in home, actually bedroom. I got to know hell lot information about symbols, scriptures, Christianity, sculptures, Illuminati, secrets of Vatican, Pope election and so much more.


So, the novel starts with the CERN institute of scientists, Switzerland, where a very well known genius Dr. Leonardo Vetra is found brutally murdered with a symbol of ILLUMINATI branded on his bare chest and his new invention of “antimatter” is stolen. Illuminati, is the ancient enemy of Christianity as for them science is their god and the Church or Bible. So, this the point from where the quest for for this finding of antimatter starts and ends in Vatican City.


Vittoria Vetra ( Leonardo’s daughter) and Robert go on their quest of finding this antimatter, which is found to be somewhere located in the Vatican City and if not found in 6 hours would blast the whole of The Vatican.

Vatican, where the sudden death of Pope has happened and the Conclave is happening with all the cardinals on this Earth to elect the new Pope. They don’t know that they are standing on the bomb itself.

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So this ancient brotherhood of Christianity comes face to face with their enemy Illuminati. Horror and hopes, deaths of innocents and time running with the ticking of the bomb- all this happening in this book, which you won’t be able to put down, without finishing it.

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The ending or climax I should say is as exhilarating as it’s beginning is. Does’t wanna kill your climax interest, so, I won’t tell you the climax. Go and get a copy of this novel as soon as you can. And yes, do not get scared because of the novel’s thickness because it’s worth reading.

There is a movie too, but the novel is hell lot wonderful than the movie.

Trust me, you’ll fall in love with this novel as well as it’s author!!


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