Complete My Story !!

winter nightA mug of hot chocolate was kept beside my bed. Pulling a blanket over my legs, I was sitting comfortably and lost in thoughts, in my cozy bedroom, holding a pen in one hand and keeping a diary in front. I picked up the mug and took a long sip, feeling the hot chocolate pouring down through my throat and giving me a warmth feeling.

It was a cold December night, around 11 ‘o’ clock, as soon as a string of thoughts passed through my mind, I started penning them down in my diary. As I was writing, I heard some noise from outside, but ignored it of being some noisy chilly breeze passing by. But, then, I felt ย chilly, like as if all the warmth of my room was fading away, and that coldness made me divert my concentration from my diary to that open window, on the front wall through which that chilly breeze was entering my room.

I stood up and started walking to bolt that mischievous window, as soon as I reached to it, I took a glimpse of outside and became breathless. I couldn’t believe at the view in front of me. The whole land outside had turned pink with no house or person out there. Anxiety rose to my head and then suddenly, I heard a knock on my bedroom’s door………..

Suggest me the ahead part of the story with your imagination and If i’ll get the proper content, i’ll publish the whole story by giving that blog writer full credits ย ๐Ÿ™‚


17 thoughts on “Complete My Story !!

  1. The question is: who is knocking at the door? Or is no one knocking at the door? Perhaps the knock was caused by something else, something dark, something sinister. Or maybe the knock was caused by something innocent, a gust of wind or someone going to door-to-door selling something. Or maybe that someone isn’t selling something, but going door-to-door asking to buy something. What could that person want to buy? Why? And why is my house the only one this person could come to? Why did this person have to come to me? Why did this person have to bring me here to reach me?

    (How does that sound?) ๐Ÿ™‚

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      1. Everything outside turning pink is what I was hinting at in the end when asking why the protagonist was brought to this other place. (I’m sorry, I should’ve been more descriptive. That’s really a weakness of mine; I tend to not be terribly descriptive in my first drafts.)

        This is also what I was thinking with the “door-to-door” aspect. Since no other houses are around when the sky is pink, this eliminates the possibility of any other door being present, so the only door to knock on is the protagonist’s door. It’s kind of a way of showing how the “someone” focused specifically on the protagonist for some reason. I would liken it to falling in love with a specific person. With everyone around, why choose this one person? And even with everyone around, it can be like that one person is the only one who exists. It can be like all of the other houses are gone and this house is the only one to go to.

        Also, even though there’s an ominous feel to the questioning and the uncertainty, this story could actually turn out to be quite romantic. Perhaps this story can capture the vibe of how scary it is to fall in love. Maybe that’s the reason for the pink sky. I tend to associate the color pink with love.

        But these are simply my thoughts. Where would you want to go with this story? What are your ideas?

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      2. Oh yeah! Now, you are more elaborate with the kind of plot you are thinking.
        I think it’s great that you are taking pink in the metaphorical sense of something being an extension of pangs of love/terrifying nature of love. It’s really intriguing.

        I just thought of this abstract and wanted to make it some kind of thriller – quasi-fictional sort of!
        Your idea of making it symbolic has given me a great way of perception.
        Thank you very much for your contribution!

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  2. I’m writing it the easy way out. ๐Ÿ˜€

    I gulped in nervousness. My heart beat paced thinking about what my mind was expecting. With a shaky hand, I clutched the latch and gently pulled the door. Cool breeze entered inside. There was a strange light, as if trying to wake me up from darkness. “Kiara! It’s 10 already. Wake up dear,” my mother softly spoke as I found myself lying down on my bed, my body covered in a little sweat.

    How’s it, lost friend? ๐Ÿ˜€

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    1. Oooo, nice twist to the story. You made it all a dream thing. Interesting!
      I think, you’ve a good twist taste. Now, why she dreamt of such a strange thing will make the next part of the story.
      Thanks, for your take on this. I liked it ๐Ÿ™‚
      And, yes, welcome back lost friend ๐Ÿ˜€

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