Mistress – James Patterson & David Ellis

Phew!! I really took a long time to post because I was reading this magnificent novel, which had so many chapters. So, here I am, back with it’s review.

MistressWell, this was my first Patterson book and after reading it, I must say, that am really looking forward to bury my head in his many more novels. So, our protagonist and the narrator, Mr. Benjamin Casper, is a reporter of an online newspaper, “Capital Beat”, and he was having a normal life till now, he had everything he wanted- money, work and the lady, Miss. Diana Hotchkiss, he loved (at least he thought she also liked him).

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But, this protagonist is a little different, in a way that, his mind is over-loaded with thoughts of thriller movies, famous movie quotes and his ‘presidential trivia’ (he remembers a hell lot of US presidents and know so many details about), which he shares with us the “Readers”. Apart from being a reporter, he is an awesome logican and a sharp-eyed observer. The book starts with the suicide of Miss Diana, jumping off her apartment and suddenly, this case becomes a national interest. Casper, was not involved in the case, till, he becomes curious and finds out that the lady that jumped off was not Diana, but her friend, Miss. Nina Jacobs.

After finding of which, he does not become able to digest what he found out and decides to investigate the case himself too. The whole CIA, Russians and Chinese Govt. now becomes after Benjamin, which he himself does not understands why?

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A lot of rat-a-tat-tats of machine guns, threatening, black mailings, happens with Casper, which he finds that because everyone thinks that he knows about an intimate sex tape of the First Lady and Diana? Shocking? Well, yeah, because till now, I too was thinking that Diana was not a lesbian. Casper, discovers this truth that Russians are blackmailing, Mr. President on the basis of this tape, to take control over Georgia and names it as Operation Delano.

But our patriotic Casper, do not let that happen and risks his life to save US and it’s people. This book is not only a hard core thriller and serious, but, in fact, Casper’s thoughts and his wrong wild guesses, lands him into lot of trouble and tickles your bones too.

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A delight to read!!


2 thoughts on “Mistress – James Patterson & David Ellis

  1. Ah, a new James Patterson fan. The question now is, will you join the cult, or the many sites that live only to publish new James Patterson jokes each day? I have, in my day, been a member of both. He’s a great writer, who IMHO, completely sold out his craft in favor of the Almighty $. But like I said, he can write, there’s no doubt about that. If you really want to be impressed, however, may I suggest you find one of his first 4 novels. Now those are truly impressive works. Anyway, I’ll read you later.

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