Proud To Be A Book Addict :)

Am a book addict and you know what? Am proud to be one.

Wanna know why am so much addicted to books? Well! Check out my reasons then 😉




Books are my BFFs– They are my best-est buddies. They are loyal, long-lasting and supportive, plus, they come in so many genres I like 😀



Behind every stack of books is a flood of knowledge



Books are my knowledgeable escape – They provide me an escape from the harsh realities of this world and take me to some pool of knowledgeable, where I swim with freedom!







Books open my gates of creativity – After reading such brilliant pieces of works, they not only aware me of things but make my Mr. Brain to think in a creative direction too.






I feel so much connected ❤ – They touch my emotional side and sometimes, realize me, that am not the only one, who has experienced all those happenings!


Coffee and a Book



My coffee cup feels lonely without books – A perfect holidaying for me is to have a cup of coffee ( a cup of hot chocolate will also work ) in one hand, and a novel in the other, LOVELY !! ❤



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