Dark Places By Gillian Flynn

Oh My My!!

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Another gut-punching thriller by Gillian Flynn. Well! I think, after reading her “Gone Girl”, I’ve become overwhelmed with her suspense writing skills. The amount of enthusiasm she pumps into her “killer” climax is simply amazing.

If you are an avid “Thriller” fan and seriously, want a good dose of mystery, suspense and adrenaline rush, then, I will definitely recommend Gillian’s novels, because they are fabulous. She writes in such a fascinating way, that the novel becomes ‘un-put-down-able’ and ‘thrill quenching’.

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And, like I’ve said, this novel is another classic by Gillian. But, this novel is a little disturbing, as in, it includes – a lot of blood-killings, sacrifices, disturbing scenarios, horrifying situations, emotionally shaking, etc. We see a lot of temporal and spatial shifts. The novel opens up with two stories going on, simultaneously, one by present time Libby Day and the other set in 1985 happenings.

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The plot is about, “Day” family, living in Kinnakee, Kansas City, consisting of Patty Day(mother), Libby, Michelle, Debby and Ben (children), which gets killed at the night of 3 January 1985, in a very brutal manner, but two people survive those killings- Libby Day (7 year old) and Ben Day (15 year old).

The whole house gets painted by blood and Satan’s words. Ben Day is accused of killing, no, sacrificing his family in the name of Satan, as he is considered to be a Devil worshipper. Libby somehow, saves herself by running out that time, though her family gets killed. And, Libby is the one, who testifies, that her brother killed her family because she saw him doing that (this is really a question- did she really saw Ben killing or she is just depending on whatever she heard that day or she is saying because she got shocked)

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After 25 years, of that massacre, Libby is getting out of money, and so, she happens to meet a “Kill Club” (a club of people, who investigate mysteries), who thinks, Ben is innocent and the case should be re-searched. At first, Libby opts for this ‘researching’, just to get some money by selling them her family’s old things.

But, after some researching, she too gets a little confused about her decision of thinking Ben, as the main culprit. The story is loaded with neurotic suspense and the climax of “That” night, really unfolds the hidden mysteries of Day family.

I would have liked to unravel the real killer and flabbergasting suspense, the shocking things that happened that night at Day’s house and resulted in such a painful end, but, I really want you guys to have such an amazing dose of thrill yourself.

But, still if you want the “spoiler”, then do tell me, I’ll definitely post the spoiler for you and we can have a discussion on it.

Have a look at this trailer and get the idea of the plot of the book-



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