Beauty and the Beast

Nice rhythm and alluring quote! 🙂

Journal of an Indonesian College Student

She was a book, which he never gave more than a look.
She was a flute, that he wished he could mute.
She was a mix of wonderful ingredients, and he was a mix of
heart-breaking opinions.
She was a fruit, ripe and sweet. He was the knife, that cut her deep.

She’d often go to bed, and look to the sky.
She’d search for a star, wishing one would past by.
Because if one ever did, it would give her a chance,
to wish for a man, who’d ask her to dance.
You see she was a book, titled “Someone Please Save Me.”
She yearned for a sequel, titled “Thank Goodness you Found Me.”
Her heart was too pure, too nice to break hearts.
His heart was pitch-black, his words were like darts.

The world is unfair, cruel to say the least.
When the wonderful beauty, is paired with…

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