Momma <3

Through you, I came into existence;
We became inseparable the moment umbilical cord was cut,
Momma, you are my guide, my hope, my power and my resistance,
Just so that I can have a sound sleep, all the doors of harm you shut.

Thank you, for all the nurture, love and supportive protection;
In your lap, all the aching problems get solved,
I’ll always be liable to all your affection;
Your smiling face has always been and will always be my biggest reward.

This mother-daughter relationship is the strongest of all the other relations;
You’ve been sent on this Earth to create a blissful state,
Your love is the purest, as even friendships are buried under affectations,
Your are my living god, please never ever separate.

I love you momma, I’m your part, you complete me,
May the halo of all the happiness and blessings always surround you,
You plus me, make a great “WE”,
And I pray to good lord, that all your wishes come true!!

P.S. – Happiest birthday to the best mom in the world :* โค


6 thoughts on “Momma <3

      1. Yes! As a writer, it is really important to resonate with the reader. I find that resonance in your writings.
        Have a lovely day ahead! ๐Ÿ™‚


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