For That Someone Special!!

He dreamt of surprising the woman of his life,
By preparing something very warm and bright.
He loved her so much, that he wanted to shook off all her miseries,
To spend a day with an aim of inscribing love and erasing all her queries.

For him, she was his whole life, his only world he could ever think of,
And to see her in pain, was his worst nightmares of all.
So, he invited her to meet him somewhere near the isle,
Where he would place his heart out and will make his true love more fertile.

She agreed to come, thinking of as a meeting which will be mundane,
But she didn’t know that her lover never allows their meeting to go in vain!
There he stood, waiting for her arrival,
And there she came like an angel, looking all lofty and nothing trifle.

He caressed her lips and cheeks with love, and took her hand to guide.
She inquired him about, where are they going- is it a walk or a ride?
He looked at her with a warm smile and covered her eyes with his hands;
Like a touch which rejuvenates life, wind started blowing her lovely strands.

Then, he guided her steps and on reaching the point told her to open her eyes,
Slowly opening her eyes, she witnessed a heart made of roses, her best possible surprise!

She turned to him, with no train of thought or what to utter!
She just hugged him tightly and closed the eyes like a shutter.
He too had no words because he knew he had been successful,
Her eyes were wet and she couldn’t express how much she felt beautiful!

They both seized the moment by getting lost in each others presence;
Everything seemed perfect, both metaphorically and in appearance.
Thus, love is that bond which grows stronger with expression,
When you take some toll to express it for that someone special…!

P. S. – Dedicated to that special person, who gave me the chance to experience such above-mentioned moments <3!


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