KARMA does not have a menu πŸ˜‰

You reap what you sow!

This is exactly the mantra of KARMA.

KARMA (a well known and successfully applicable philosophy) serves you accordingly. I think every single act of kindness or help done to somebody, without taking into self-consideration any selfishness but rather done selflessly, definitely reap benefits in future.

No matter how small that act of kindness has been, it will always, trust me, always, will be counted in your good books! And it will appear as optimism and blessing in any situation of hopelessness!!

But on the other hand,Β  if you mess with KARMA then, it will get the shitoutta you! If you did someone bad intentionally, then you’ll be facing worse.

I’m not saying, be selfish and do good to others just because you wanna get good in return, but rather I’m suggesting that drop off this selfish avatar and get in touch with your selfless side!

When you give, without expecting in return, then KARMA rewards you with all possible blessings and wishes!

So, next time, if someone cheats you or breaches your trust, then just sit back and watch KARMA do its workπŸ˜‰ Afterall, all things are not in our hand, let God also interfere in some matters! 😁


2 thoughts on “KARMA does not have a menu πŸ˜‰

  1. This is intensely related and the very origin of the “law of attraction.”

    Yes, I have come to know it well, it has become the essence behind many of MY Articles.

    Great information and truth. Thanks, really.


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