True Blue – David Baldacci

Phew! Done with birthday hangover and now back on track with reading and reviewing novels.

So, as I was going across my book stack, I decided to choose to finish my half read novel, which I started last year, back in December, but dropped it off in between because of some other important stuffs and also of book’s slow pace!

it’s my first Baldacci book and I would say, I liked the adventures it propounded. It’s about a “Blue” trying hard to be “Blue” again. By “Blue”, I mean a cop, so, here we are, with our protagonist being an ex DC cop, Mace Perry, whose blue badge was snatched and she was incarcerated into prison for doing wrong stuffs. But, the twist is, she didn’t do a wrong thing herself, instead she was drugged, kidnapped and was framed into a crime scene.

Mace’s sister, Beth is a chief police officer and even Beth couldn’t save her sister’s reputation. So, the novel opens with Mace being released on parole and as determined as she is to get her blue badge back, she tries to find out who framed her!

Meanwhile, in the novel, we see the entry of a DC lawyer,Roy Kingman, whose colleague, Maria Rollover has been raped and murdered. Thus, this case comes as a chance for Mace, to prove how much ” True Blue” she is. Though, she is off duty and is not allowed to solve the case, but still she does that.

Along with this, when solving the case, Mace partner’s up with Kingman and they go through a lot of adventure (by adventure, I mean, a lot of face-to-face with goons, police, mafia) and it turns out, it’s not a simple case but rather it’s more of a coated in danger, with all kinds of high criminals and authority, linked with.

And, Mace also finds out, that Mona Danforth was the one who sent Mace to jail and still, doesn’t wants her to come back and become a blue again.

Lots of political angles, local goons ,terrorists and corrupted authorities will be seen in this novel. It is a woman empowering novel, but it gets a little snoozy in between, you start getting tired of murders, police, mafia and goon fights!

For me, I would rate it so-so. Good time pass, if you are into police and murders!


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