Therapy- Jonathan Kellerman

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The name should be KILLERMAN instead of Kellerman, because this guy just nailed it!?

After having a not-so-good experience with Baldacci’s True Blue, I decided to take up another thriller and voila! I made the right choice.

Therapy is a psychological thriller and you will just love it. Starting from a simple crime scene, where we have two teens dead, up at Mulholland, in a car – Gavin Quick and an unidentified Blondie- this novel ends in the most unexpectedly surprising manner!

Gavin Quick, a brain-damaged child with OCD, is murdered and the reason behind it, is just so large to even guess it! The gay cop, Milo and our psychologist sidey, Alex Delaware, take up the case and jump into this complex murder mystery.

Already finding it a not-so-normal murder mystery, the case becomes even more muddling, when Gavin’s post-accident psychologist, Mary Lou Koppel is also found murdered at her apartment, in the same manner as the Blondie was murdered, which was, a .22 bullet shot plus an impalement through a rod.

Too many suspects, but not finding any connection with a motive to murder a teen and his therapist! In the middle of the story, you start feeling, that you are in a pool where every character you meet, needs a therapist, even the therapists themselves need to go under the therapy. The plot stretches way beyond our imagination, and this teen related crime unravels the billion dollar scam going on in the country by government people, psychologists with a help of few thugs.

An interesting psyche-thriller with amazing “unputdownable’ quality. Kellerman is a very aware and intellectual author, who covers political issues with a dose of psychology and mysteries.

Even if it was a fiction work, Kellerman has touched on issues like – sexist view towards LGBT, Israel-Palestine conflicts, genocides, scams in government sector, psychological disorders, etc. So, apart from enjoying the plot, you also get educated about various issues!

Glad, I bought this novel?

Amazing! Looking forward to read more work by him??


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