Exclusive by Sandra Brown

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Oh my, my!

After Gone Girl, I would want this story to hit the big screens. I cannot tell you, how amazingly Sandra Brown has written this novel. Till now, I used to think Gillian Flynn to be the ‘Queen’ of thrills which gives you chills, but with Sandra Brown, I want to rethink my decision.

“Crazy people can get away with just about anything. You’d be amazed”

After finishing this novel, I was feeling as amazed as anyone could be after having a mind-spinning time with this novel. Exclusive, is a tale of revenge, betrayal, corruption and a lot more unimaginable things.

Barrie Travis, a WVUE reporter doesn’t know what she is going to get into after she has an interview with the First Lady on SIDS. Vanessa Malcomb Merritt is the wife of David Merritt, a U.S. President. After losing their baby due to SIDS, Vanessa approaches Barrie to do a report on the subject, but her gestures hints toward something more malicious than what has been shown on the surface behind the baby’s death.

The novel starts questioning, whether the royal baby, Robert Rushton Merritt, died of SIDS or has been smothered due to some dirty reasons. The story unveils with the coming of Gray Bondurant, an ex-presidential aide, with the help of whom, Barrie can unearth nasty secrets of President’s Oval Office!

This novel is a suspense till the end! Let me tell you, whatever big guesser you have been in your life, this novel’s story can breach your guessing game. It is a  three times more thrill and aphrodisiac in nature than what you have seen in Gone Girl.

The fake innocence, the lies and feigned reputations, all comes to an end with this novel. Every character you meet is sharp and have something to be of guilty on their shoulders.

Along with the sensitive theme of SIDS, this novel carries a leitmotif of infidelity, power lust, and Frankenstein adage of, ” it fell to the creator to destroy his creation”.

I hope, you don’t want me to spill the beans and tell you the jaw-dropping end! Better buy this scorching novel and get a taste of intoxication yourselves! ? ?

In the end, I’m sure you also must have read those stories, which should be made into movies. I would appreciate, if you wanna list those novels and let me know about them in the comment box! ?



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