Truth vs Lie

A bait was prepared with sugar coated lies,
To trap an innocent and strangle him until he dies.
At first, the innocent couldn’t recognize the false;
He mistook it for hopeful rays but they were rather deep holes.

Fake with its cruel power surrounded the real,
Tried to overshadow the authentic and suck off of its zeal.
A dark fog of a gigantic shape spread out in the front,
As if, everything in sight of clarity & purity, all got burnt.

It seemed to be the defeat of honesty by the malicious falsehood.
All hopes were lost; it served as an end of the world and of all manhood.
But, suddenly the blurring began to reduce,
Integrity became powerful and commenced the act to reproduce.

The game of falsity was now reaching its finishing line,
Recognition happened, virtue gained strength and everything became fine.
The victory of Morality is always there,
We just need to have patience and support the fair!!


8 thoughts on “Truth vs Lie

  1. Finally I got to read a poem that rhymes (not that those which don’t rhyme aren’t good; they’re equally worth).
    This poem seemed to be like one of mine – Black Light!

    Keep writing! πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

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