1st to die by James Patterson

This novel is simply, Patterson at his best! ?

JPThis is my second of his novel and I’m seriously impressed. He is a very great crime mystery writer, this book especially. You won’t be short of adrenaline while reading this amazing book.

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A female homicide detective and protagonist, Lindsay Boxer is in face-to-face with three bride & groom murder cases. She can’t believe how gruesomely these murders have taken place. All couples have been murdered either on their wedding day or on their first night or on their honeymoon trip.

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The killer is killing his targets one by one and it’s becoming more & more hard for Boxer to crack this case. She can’t find out the link between all the murders but she does finds out that all these couples have missing wedding rings. The killer has left their bodies in an utterly unspeakable states and is being suspected to be a sex maniac/psychopath. All this and Lindsay is fighting one more battle, a personal one; she is suffering from Negli’s Aplastic anemia. Her body doesn’t have enough red blood cells. But the urge to find this killer has kept her together & undoubtedly, determined.JP novel

The suspicion finger gets directed towards a famous author, Nicholas Jenks, who has written one novel, a long time ago & the murders have been taking place in the same sequence. But, the twist arrives, when Jenks’ novel reveals at the end that somebody was setting him up. This twist turns everything upside down and takes the case again to its beginning; killer not arrested yet. Suspicion continues from one character to the other, making the case all the more freaking complex!

Was somebody setting up this famous novel author or not? If yes, then whom & why? To get all these answers you gotta buy this fabulous novel and get wonder-struck for yourself!

5/5 stars



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