Exploding the Myths about ‘Feminism’!

Get a clear understanding of what ‘Feminism’ really means.

We all have been listening and even debating a lot about this term called ‘Feminism‘ since so many years, especially, it has gained a lot of momentum nowadays. These days, we try to scrutinize almost every issue through the lens of feminism, be it entertainment sector, education sector or political sector (which is definitely a good thing to do). Everybody is supporting this radical movement and are trying to associate or have already associated themselves with the idea of being a feminist. But when asked what the term means, people often come up with lame answers and they don’t even know what it really signifies.

This word has become like a fashion statement, especially for girls and a reason for boys to shun girls down as if they are breaking up because you are too much of a feminist (WTF, I know). People have a lot of myths about this term, ‘Feminism’ and it is extremely dangerous to propagate feminist ideas without even having a complete knowledge about it. Hence, I have decided to explode some myths about feminism in this article, so that, next time you say you are a feminist, you’re aware what you are uttering.

Main Agenda – Equality (Not Feminism as an opposite of Patriarchy)

Feminism began as a movement to give equal voting, property and educational rights to women as they were being given to men. The agenda of this movement has always been – Equality. Feminists wanted and still want an egalitarian society, where both the sexes will be equal. A society devoid of gender biasness; a society where neither gender has an upper hand over the other. To believe Feminism to be an opposite of Patriarchy (a social system dominated by men where women are believed to be an inferior sex) is a myth that needs to be exploded. Feminists are equally concerned with the societal pressures suffered by men ( for eg – should have strong financial status, well-built, shouldn’t cry, etc). There is no upper hand which feminists are seeking over patriarchs, if this would be the case, then what difference will remain between Patriarchy and Feminism? We will simply be substituting one system of domination with the other. Thus, people need to know that feminists do not believe in the extinction of entire race of men (and if you were believing this concept till now, then you are wrong my friend, correct your facts).

Anybody (any gender) can be a feminist!

This is the biggest myth surrounding this term! Feminism is not a prerogative of only ‘women’, anybody can be a feminist, it doesn’t matter which sex you belong to. If you are a guy and you support equality of sexes and totally believe that women should have as much rights (related to freedom, education, etc.) as men have then you can also be a feminist. Even there are cases where certain women are not feminists; they prefer Patriarchy, they prefer men dominating them. Hence, either of the sexes can be the supporters of Patriarchy or Feminism. Being born as a girl doesn’t make you a feminist.

So, these are two of the biggest myths which surround this term of ‘Feminism’ and are misleading many people in believing things which are not even related to it. I hope this article helps in clearing your myths about this term, so that, you can proudly state why you support ‘Feminism’.





25 thoughts on “Exploding the Myths about ‘Feminism’!

    1. You’re so very welcome hon!
      I know, even I get frustrated when people think as if we are the enemies of all the men on this planet. It’s such a myth, feminists are here for equality, we are even concerned for men’s issues then how come we hate men?
      Thanks for appreciating the post πŸ™‚


  1. That was more of a joke than anything. Just the times we’re living in.
    I believe we are gaining ground on equality, I mean we have a lady running for Prez (a liar) but, just the same.
    It’s in likeness to racism, people are taught to behave a certain way, racism will never fully die, as with some mens egos, overpowering women. Smh…

    Stop in to (CM) my sub-blog about controversial matters.

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    1. It’s seriously an amazing post to comment on the status of equality that should be there between both the sexes. But, unfortunately, some people allocated women with an inferior position in the gender hierarchy. I think, they should read this post and interpret it the way its has been interpreted in this post.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Unfortunately people believe that feminism is a dirty word due to the stigma society/media has attached to it. This is something that I find interesting because often people who condemn feminism still support equality. I have many friends who feel this way and I can’t wait to forward them this post to give them a little more input on what it really means!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you for finding this post worth of sharing πŸ™‚
      I bring to people, via this post, that feminism is not solely a “female-centric” movement because through feminism, we also sympathise with men’s struggles. Feminism is believing in equality rather than becoming a “She-Patriarchy”!

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