My fascination with Greek & Latin Literature <3

The love affair ❤

The love affair began when I was in my first semester, undergrad (B.A. major literature) and I was introduced to Sophocles (Oedipus), Ovid (Metamorphosis) and Homer (The Odyssey). The impression it left on my heart was and still, is inexplicable! I felt awestruck and got fascinated with the Greco-Roman culture. Their rich culture (they have gods for everything, isn’t it amazing?) and flabbergasting gory tragedies made me fell in love with them.

And, the love grew more strongly in my masters, when, this sem, I got the privilege to choose Greek & Latin literature paper. Our relationship became more intimate with Aeschylus’ Orestes and Virgil’s Aeneid. The interpretations are so amazing and I have always liked narratives dealing with the darker side of the realities. These Greco-Roman narratives are way more incredible & ingenious than any of the crime stories one can ever read. They contain all of those crimes that you can possibly imagine. You name it and they have done it 😛 They have such simple plot-lines, but the way they are presented is something that is more tempting. Wars, romance, drama, etc, all is of an epic level and is somewhat similar to Indian literature as well (excluding the gory & horrible death punishment part).

Also, as soon as GOT (Game of Thrones) hit the TV, I could literally witness Greco-Roman world unfolding in front of my eyes! Have you guys ever read any Greek or Latin narrative? If, yes, then which one? Did you like it- yes or no? Any reason behind your liking or disliking?

And, if, you are planning to read any, then, I would recommend you to read Homer and Ovid, at least 🙂


16 thoughts on “My fascination with Greek & Latin Literature <3

  1. What I’ve always found fascinating is that when you read Homer, you are communicating with someone’s thoughts and ideas from over 2800 years ago. Words can span the centuries, crazy isn’t it? Nice post, best wishes, Steve

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  2. Great post! It’s not as famous as Homer or Virgil, but Apollonius of Rhodes’ Argonautica (telling the story of Jason and the Argonauts’ search for the Golden Fleece) is also a great classical epic, and probably influenced Virgil in his writing of The Aeneid 🙂

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  3. I read Homer years ago and was surpised how much I liked it. Recently I’ve been reading about Demeter, goddess of grain and harvest (you knew that). If only her sadness for Persephone could extend to the Philippines so we could get some cooler weather!

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  4. I have loved reading the ancient writers since I was a child. Dante Inferno to Virgil. The tales of places and mystery allowed the mind to wander and create. Without the Greek and Roman literature. What would we know about the ancient days and belief?

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