Worth melting for you…

Coz some people are worth melting for ❤


“Ignorance is bliss”, they say

and I was an ardent follower too.

Surprises never crossed my way,

only, until you decided to woo.


Hugging me with all the love was something

which you did then, and still do.

It’s been a year now, of our togetherness

clearly, it was worth melting for you!


Perfect in every sense

like an angelic presence you have been.

For me, your passion is so intense

that our love is a kind no one has seen.

3 thoughts on “Worth melting for you…

    1. No, no! We are still on the project. It’s just that I am entangled in my busy schedule as soon as I’ll be free, I’ll inform you 🙂
      Till then, my team is handling all the projects. You can mail my team regarding any other query.



      1. Okay Manpreet!
        Thanks for the honest response.
        Please let me know as soon as you are free, because the market of the publication is available.
        Thanks & Regards!


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