My Take on the TV Series – Suits

Aaron Korsh is the creator and writer behind this captivating American legal drama TV series- Suits . The lead characters are Patrick J Adams as Mike Ross and Gabriel Macht as Harvey Specter.  The story revolves around how Mike joined an eminent law firm without a graduate degree and how Harvey and Mike are trying to keep their secret safe amidst all the chaos in their personal and professional lives. With good looking characters and a good backdrop the series creates an interest for the viewers

If someone asks me why you like Suits the first thing I would say is because of Harvey Specter. There is something about that character that holds you and makes you want more of him. If intelligence is something you look for in a character then Harvey is full of it. His sassy remarks and outspoken attitude might have gained enemies in the show but it’s a great entertainment for the viewers. Harvey also has this emotional and humane side to him which I find very appealing. Harvey was the only one who first discovered Mike’s talent and gave him the job in spite of him being a college dropout. The character of Mike, in the show, is a hope to all college dropouts who have talent but are not given an opportunity. Hence, the show in its own way gives light to the issue of whether knowledge and experience matters more than talent and intelligence or vice versa?

I feel that the story line of Suits is a little bit dragged and lacks uniqueness but the characters steal the show. I watch the show not to see how the story progresses but to see how the characters are developing and their interactions with one another. Even side characters like Donna has some clever remarks up her sleeves and can entertain anyone even if her appearance in an episode is short.

I would give this show a 3.5/5 as although the characters are well portrayed and dialogues are really catchy and witty but the story line lacks uniqueness. And somewhere, the plot loses its identity and only the characters are the main reason one would watch the show till the end.

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