The Invention of Wings by Sue Monk Kidd

Sue Monk Kidd is a writer from Sylvester, Georgia, best known for her 2002 novel The Secret Life of Bees. Her 2014 novel, The Invention of Wings, is set during the antebellum years (the period before the civil war and after the War of 1812) and based on the life of Sarah Grimké, a 19th-century abolitionist and women’s rights pioneer.


“Missus showed up and said, “Hetty, this is Sara’s eleventh birthday and we are having a party for her’….. She took a lavender ribbon from the top of the pie safe and circled it around my neck, tying a bow……….”

The Invention of Wings by Sue Monk Kidd is an extraordinary novel about two exceptional women- Sarah Grimké, the difficult daughter to a rich family and Hetty Grimké, the black slave girl gifted to Sara on her eleventh birthday.

Set in the early 19th century, this is a story about two girls, their extreme differences and the unlikely friendship that follows. Kidd in this soul touching- tale, ‘invents’ the miracle that captures true innocence of life in some of the darkest hours of human history.

The story follows a bond formed from naïve childhood days that continues to grow stronger with time. It not only explores the hideous truth of slavery but also reminds the reader, the power of one’s voice.

A privilege is something, not everyone is born with, which is why it is important for those who have it, to use it. This powerful master piece by Kidd teaches us the importance of finding our words and using our voices to help those who are muted by the evils of the society.

So all you revolutionaries, feminists, humanists and basically everyone who ever had a dream to make the world a better place, but lacked incentive…. Here is the book for you!

The book, which will show you the dark side of our past!

The book, which will show you the true meaning of friendship and how it can surpass all social, racial and economic barriers!

The book, which will prove the worth of speaking out for what you believe in and most importantly…..

The book, where the journey of two brave women, will hopefully inspire yours too!

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Welcome to the fascinating world of Anime!

I am a big time anime lover. My life has never been the same after I started watching anime. In this post, I am sharing with you guys why I love anime so much. So, without further ado, let’s get started 🙂

Once upon a time there lived a young boy Ken Kaneki. He was an orphan whose best friend, Hide (pronounced hee-dae) was his whole world. One day he goes on a date with an attractive woman who turns out to be a flesh-eating monster a.k.a. a ghoul who kills Kaneki but gets killed herself after a bunch of metal pipes fall on her. Kaneki’s life is changed forever after her organs are transplanted to him making him a half-ghoul and a half-human. Interesting? Intriguing? Or do you find this story disgusting?

Welcome to the world of anime. Call it whatever you want, but the world of Anime is just plain fascinating, inspiring and crazy to me. Anime has charmed its fans for a long time and it continues to do so. Anime is usually the cartoon (I’d like to think of it as an art form) format of a Japanese manga (a comic). Japan has contributed so much to the world and this is surely one of the most significant contributions. It is written with a story whose subplots usually involve romance, drama, mystery, friendship and fantasy.

What is so special about Anime you may ask. To me it is the subtle story lines and the notorious characters. Villains are loved as much as the heroes are. Everyone is both a villain and a hero at some point in an Anime. These characters explore the gray areas of human behavior in a way no English tv show has ever done ( in my opinion). For example, there is this poignant scene in “Tokyo Ghoul” (the anime I described above) where one of the main characters, Touka, tells a human being who attacks her (something that goes along the lines of this), “why is it wrong for ghouls to exist? Is it our fault that we were born like this? Why should we not be allowed to live when we are not the monsters everyone says we are. We have families too!”. The truth is everyone has so many sides to them that sometimes is best told in the format of a fantasy story. Anime does that for me. It fills my soul and leaves me with a million philosophies at the same time.

The impact of Anime is vast. Anime has globally become a business and an industry on its own. It has also resulted in the formation of cosplay events (where participants dress up like their favorite characters) and anime clubs. Millions of fans fiction and artwork has spawned due to it. Anime is so precious as it is one medium where one can express things as it is. Life, Death, Love, Eroticism, Adventure, Fantasy and other themes are all expressed exactly as it is. The content is not watered down to serve interests. It has something for everyone from a ten-year old to a ninety -year old, Anime may be superficially child-like but it has a depth which consumes your soul before you can realize.

All in all, if you have never explored Anime, you should do so at the earliest. There is clearly more than what meets the eye in this art form. “Arigato Gozaimasu” (Thank you in Japanese) if this article has inspired you to watch it. I will do more analysis on various Anime shows as time goes by so don’t forget to keep watching this space for more.

(P.S. if you are going to watch anime please watch “Death note” as your first. It is a classic and will surely leave you shivering and craving for more).

Therapy- Jonathan Kellerman

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The name should be KILLERMAN instead of Kellerman, because this guy just nailed it!?

After having a not-so-good experience with Baldacci’s True Blue, I decided to take up another thriller and voila! I made the right choice.

Therapy is a psychological thriller and you will just love it. Starting from a simple crime scene, where we have two teens dead, up at Mulholland, in a car – Gavin Quick and an unidentified Blondie- this novel ends in the most unexpectedly surprising manner!

Gavin Quick, a brain-damaged child with OCD, is murdered and the reason behind it, is just so large to even guess it! The gay cop, Milo and our psychologist sidey, Alex Delaware, take up the case and jump into this complex murder mystery.

Already finding it a not-so-normal murder mystery, the case becomes even more muddling, when Gavin’s post-accident psychologist, Mary Lou Koppel is also found murdered at her apartment, in the same manner as the Blondie was murdered, which was, a .22 bullet shot plus an impalement through a rod.

Too many suspects, but not finding any connection with a motive to murder a teen and his therapist! In the middle of the story, you start feeling, that you are in a pool where every character you meet, needs a therapist, even the therapists themselves need to go under the therapy. The plot stretches way beyond our imagination, and this teen related crime unravels the billion dollar scam going on in the country by government people, psychologists with a help of few thugs.

An interesting psyche-thriller with amazing “unputdownable’ quality. Kellerman is a very aware and intellectual author, who covers political issues with a dose of psychology and mysteries.

Even if it was a fiction work, Kellerman has touched on issues like – sexist view towards LGBT, Israel-Palestine conflicts, genocides, scams in government sector, psychological disorders, etc. So, apart from enjoying the plot, you also get educated about various issues!

Glad, I bought this novel?

Amazing! Looking forward to read more work by him??


True Blue – David Baldacci

Phew! Done with birthday hangover and now back on track with reading and reviewing novels.

So, as I was going across my book stack, I decided to choose to finish my half read novel, which I started last year, back in December, but dropped it off in between because of some other important stuffs and also of book’s slow pace!

it’s my first Baldacci book and I would say, I liked the adventures it propounded. It’s about a “Blue” trying hard to be “Blue” again. By “Blue”, I mean a cop, so, here we are, with our protagonist being an ex DC cop, Mace Perry, whose blue badge was snatched and she was incarcerated into prison for doing wrong stuffs. But, the twist is, she didn’t do a wrong thing herself, instead she was drugged, kidnapped and was framed into a crime scene.

Mace’s sister, Beth is a chief police officer and even Beth couldn’t save her sister’s reputation. So, the novel opens with Mace being released on parole and as determined as she is to get her blue badge back, she tries to find out who framed her!

Meanwhile, in the novel, we see the entry of a DC lawyer,Roy Kingman, whose colleague, Maria Rollover has been raped and murdered. Thus, this case comes as a chance for Mace, to prove how much ” True Blue” she is. Though, she is off duty and is not allowed to solve the case, but still she does that.

Along with this, when solving the case, Mace partner’s up with Kingman and they go through a lot of adventure (by adventure, I mean, a lot of face-to-face with goons, police, mafia) and it turns out, it’s not a simple case but rather it’s more of a coated in danger, with all kinds of high criminals and authority, linked with.

And, Mace also finds out, that Mona Danforth was the one who sent Mace to jail and still, doesn’t wants her to come back and become a blue again.

Lots of political angles, local goons ,terrorists and corrupted authorities will be seen in this novel. It is a woman empowering novel, but it gets a little snoozy in between, you start getting tired of murders, police, mafia and goon fights!

For me, I would rate it so-so. Good time pass, if you are into police and murders!

Frankenstein – Mary Shelley

Okay, so, it is  considered as being one of the first Gothic and scientific novel by a woman. It was published in 1818, by famous female prodigy, Mary Shelley. Mary was the daughter of two famous radicals of England – Mary Wollstencraft and William Godwin and got married to the most famous radical poet of Romantic era, P. B. Shelley.

Well, I think I enjoyed reading the lives of people that were there in the Romantic Era more than their poetry -Wordsworth, our opium guy Coleridge, the rake Byron etc. Their promiscuous lifestyle and eccentric habits, made me their fan.

Coming back to the novel review, it is a novel which is written in a Chinese box tradition – a narrative within a narrative – there are 3 narrators. So, the story goes like this – Victor Frankenstein, a scientist, creates a creature by collecting the dead body parts from the grave and infusing into it life. But the sad part begins, when Victor having thought of making such a discovery which would abnegate nature laws and he will be worshipped as a great scientist, turns out to be a disaster! The creature he makes, has abhorring physiognomy and detestable eyes, due to which without even talking to his creature or nurturing it, Frankenstein turns his back on it. He abandons the creature he makes and ahead in the novel we see, the creature becomes a monster because everybody starts negating it because of his detestable looks!

Creature tells his story of abandonment and how he became a bad guy to Victor and he tells his story to Walton, who tells all this to his sister through letters. Walton is that character whom Victor meets, when he was following the creature to make it dead. 

Interesting novel plot but more interesting are the questions it raises – the question of parent-child relationship(Victor father, Creature child), the issues of male-motherhood, the treatment of women writing in 19th century, patriarchal society, and the most important question – are we born monstrous or the world’s cruel treatment makes us a monster?

These are the questions that Mary Shelley raises in this novel and this novel has also been considered as being the finest example of l’ecriture feminine (feminie writing), a concept introduced by Cixou, Irigaray and Kristeva. This style of writing, was the goal of many feminists to achieve that female style of writing which was not patriarchal and more libidnal & plural like a woman’s body!


Jane Eyre – Charlotte Bronte

“I am no bird; and no net ensnares me: I am a free human being with an independent will.”
― Charlotte Brontë, Jane Eyre

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The free spirit writing of Bronte and the depiction of “wild” spirited Jane (protagonist) in the novel “Jane Eyre”, has been the attraction for many readers towards this feminist and widely read novel.

The Gothic elements, a critique of 19th century Victorian society, representation of repressed sexual desires of women, the Christian dogma and the bildungsroman of a rebellious protagonist, are some of the words which sum up this exquisite piece of writing by Charlotte Bronte.

Not like Austen’s “fairy-tale” romance, which although gives its readers a hope of feminism but eventually culminates into the hands of patriarchy, Bronte shows far more audacity and writes something which can be called feminist in a true sense.

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The novel starts with “Jane Eyre’s” autobiography presenting to us a protagonist ten years old and orphaned. She lives with her “cold-eye, stern-looking” aunt Mrs. Reed at Gateshead Hall, with her three cousins. The constraining and indifferent behavior of her aunt towards Jane does not stops her in-built rebellious nature against the injustice and she raises her voice against such cruel treatments. Although, the rebellion lands Jane into Lowood institution, where she is sent and abandoned by Mrs. Reed.

After completing her ten years of restrictive and Christian education, Jane finally finds a way to her freedom and applies for the post of a governess at Thornfield, where, our protagonist finds the love of her life, Mr. Rochester, a wealthy man of handsome property but older than Jane.

Jane’s character does not possesses any class-consciousness, instead her egalitarian and open responses towards Rochester, is what that attracts him towards Jane. But their marriage becomes a fail because of the exposed bigamy of Rochester and Jane runs away from Thornfield to Moor house, where she discovers her another cousins and gains wealth from the demise of her wealthy uncle.


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The temporal shiftings, not only suggests the external hardships of Jane, which has led to her unsettling character from place to place, but also becomes the manifestations of her inner on-going conflicts as well as struggles. The novel ends with the matrimony of Jane and Rochester (one-eye blind and crippled due to the mishap after Jane left Thornfield), which shows the winning of internal beauty over external and also the strong bond of love, which can overcome anything!

A benchmark novel with an undoubtedly the most intriguing love-story within it! ❤


The Client – John Grisham

” At times he thinks like a terrorist, then he cries like a little child.”

                                                                                             – The Client (John Grisham)

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My first Grisham novel and gratifyingly, looking forward to read more!

The quote above I’ve given, becomes a synonym for Mark Sway, the protagonist, in this novel. Mark is an eleven year old child of a single mother, Dianne Sway and have one younger brother, Ricky. But, do not fool yourselves, by looking at his age because his mind works faster than any brave adult or “The FBI”.

No, no,wait! He is not a terrorist, but he is that child who by an incident happens to come to know that fatal secret, which is definitely not suitable for an eleven year old to be familiar. And, that deathly secret, turns his whole life upside-down in just 7 days. From being a trailer kid, he becomes the center of attraction for the paparazzi, FBI, mafia and of course, the headline of ‘Memphis Express’, continuously for those life-changing 7 days.

The Client by John GrishamWell, Grisham is a very brilliant writer. He tells his readers, that “fatal secret” in the beginning itself. As soon as we start reading the novel, he provides us with the secret, to swallow from the start only. So, now, you know what all mystery is there but, you do not know what will be its’ consequences. Likewise, the start is very intriguing, he gives us an almost flabbergasting description of Mark sway, a cigarette smoking child, who now will show Ricky how to smoke.

After, all this, we come to know about the secret, which is, the corpse of a U.S. Senator has been hidden somewhere by a known mafia man, Barry Muldanno and his lawyer, Jerome Clifford, spills his beans to Mark, who is a far-away stranger to him. Jerome, before committing suidcide, tells Mark the exact place where the body of Boyd Boyette is hidden and this directly lands Mark Sway in the world of danger.

FBI, who has been finding this corpse from past eight months and failing on every attempt, now gets all magnetized to our little Mark, whom only Reggie Love (Mark’s lawyer) can secure from FBI, mafia and an all-eyeing Memphis residents.

Though, we know the secret from the start, the story still not fails to make it an unputdownable one! Grisham, himself, being a Law graduate, shows off his knowledge of laws and legal terms, throughout the book and when you’ve finished the reading, you’ll definitely be acquiring much of the knowledge about laws and stuff.

Undoubtedly, I recommend this novel!



Before I Go To Sleep (Movie Adaptation)

Here, see the trailer –

First of all, hello guys! After being absent from 1 month due to my exams, here I am, back with so much to share. I missed you all so much and my lovely lovely blog! 🙂

So, I was trying my hard to get a copy of this titillating novel, but I couldn’t get one due to it’s non-availability at my buying bookstores 😦 I know it feels so sad, when you want to read a novel so badly and you just can’t get it! (It’s worse, actually).

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Thus, I put a stone on my heart and decided to watch its’ movie adaptation (It’s very painful for novel aficionados to watch movie instead of reading!).

But, because S.J. Watson has written such a great plot, no one could deny that the movie had to be fabulous and it really is. It is really worth watching! 😀

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Nicole Kidman is playing the lead. It’s a story of a woman called, “Christine Lucas”, who is amnesiac. After she had a very brutal accident, she has lost her memory. She got blows on head, which resulted in her memory loss disease. She wakes up every day, but doesn’t remember anything what happened to her last night or who herself is she!

The plot picks when she wakes up one day and going with the tradition of oblivion, she asks the man sleeping with her about the questions of her identity and of course, his relationship with her. She is living with Ben Lucas, her husband and has a neurologist on her side, Dr, Nasch, who every day in the morning calls her to tell her who she is. This is done by telling her that to retain her memory he has given her a camera to record things she does everyday and watch it the next day, when she forgets everything.

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All this neurologist thing is hidden from Ben, because everyone and Christine herself has to find out that who gave her this injury and in that case, no one can be trusted, not even the man she is living and waking up with everyday!

The story gets interesting and hell lot interesting at every twist and turn when Christine starts remembering things, because she and only she knows, who gave her head those barbaric blows, but the freaking problem is of her memory.

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I really freaked out when I came to know about the real truth because Christine is really living hell everyday, without her memories and her identity crisis!

A must watch or a must read!


Gulliver’s Travels – Jonathan Swift

The most fantastical travelogue, you’ll ever read!

It’s a narrative about the protagonist, Lemuel Gulliver, traveling to four different lands. I’m sure you all must have read/seen the story of ‘gullible’ and ‘naive’, Gulliver, traveling to uniquely different places,like the land of “six” inch people, called the “Lilliputians”, the giant “Brobdingnagians”etc. We all are actually familiar with this story and have, undoubtedly, enjoyed Swift’s piece of such a beautiful imagination.

Swift has used simple rhetoric, so, it’s easy to read and understand. But, the twist is, when you are a literature student, then you just cannot simply read and leave it. We are trained to read beneath the lines. I mean, if you are an ordinary reader, you won’t understand the political allusions, references and satire,which is garbed under those simple lines and people like us dig it!

So, if I have to give a review like a normal reader, then I would say that it’s seriously, a commendable piece of imagination. To think about names like “Lilliput, Laputa” etc, and design such creatures, is just fantastic. In addition, it’s highly entertaining, includes humor , contains fantastical elements and it’s considered one of children’s favorite narrative (and believe me it really is fabulous).

But, as I’m a literature student, I cannot limit myself by just telling you the “half-truth”.

Yes! “half-truth”, because it’s not just a fantastical book addressed to children and merely for entertaining purpose, but it a satire of a high-level. It contains political allegories and satirical elements beneath it’s imaginary lines. It is a Juvenal and Mennippean satire, in which, Swift is critiquing human vices and follies, corruption in England, satirizing England’s religious and political conflicts (Whigs and Tory’s, Catholics and Protestants) and human intellect under the garb of his imaginary travelogue.

But don’t worry, you don’t have to go into such profound details, unless you’re interested.

And, yes, of course, when you read books just to enjoy and relax, then you should definitely buy this entertaining and captivating book. You just need to read it, once in your life.

Hence, get yourself a copy as well as the honor to admire Swift’s imagination!