1st to die by James Patterson

This novel is simply, Patterson at his best! 😍

JPThis is my second of his novel and I’m seriously impressed. He is a very great crime mystery writer, this book especially. You won’t be short of adrenaline while reading this amazing book.

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A female homicide detective and protagonist, Lindsay Boxer is in face-to-face with three bride & groom murder cases. She can’t believe how gruesomely these murders have taken place. All couples have been murdered either on their wedding day or on their first night or on their honeymoon trip.

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The killer is killing his targets one by one and it’s becoming more & more hard for Boxer to crack this case. She can’t find out the link between all the murders but she does finds out that all these couples have missing wedding rings. The killer has left their bodies in an utterly unspeakable states and is being suspected to be a sex maniac/psychopath. All this and Lindsay is fighting one more battle, a personal one; she is suffering from Negli’s Aplastic anemia. Her body doesn’t have enough red blood cells. But the urge to find this killer has kept her together & undoubtedly, determined.JP novel

The suspicion finger gets directed towards a famous author, Nicholas Jenks, who has written one novel, a long time ago & the murders have been taking place in the same sequence. But, the twist arrives, when Jenks’ novel reveals at the end that somebody was setting him up. This twist turns everything upside down and takes the case again to its beginning; killer not arrested yet. Suspicion continues from one character to the other, making the case all the more freaking complex!

Was somebody setting up this famous novel author or not? If yes, then whom & why? To get all these answers you gotta buy this fabulous novel and get wonder-struck for yourself!

5/5 stars


Therapy- Jonathan Kellerman

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The name should be KILLERMAN instead of Kellerman, because this guy just nailed it!💝

After having a not-so-good experience with Baldacci’s True Blue, I decided to take up another thriller and voila! I made the right choice.

Therapy is a psychological thriller and you will just love it. Starting from a simple crime scene, where we have two teens dead, up at Mulholland, in a car – Gavin Quick and an unidentified Blondie- this novel ends in the most unexpectedly surprising manner!

Gavin Quick, a brain-damaged child with OCD, is murdered and the reason behind it, is just so large to even guess it! The gay cop, Milo and our psychologist sidey, Alex Delaware, take up the case and jump into this complex murder mystery.

Already finding it a not-so-normal murder mystery, the case becomes even more muddling, when Gavin’s post-accident psychologist, Mary Lou Koppel is also found murdered at her apartment, in the same manner as the Blondie was murdered, which was, a .22 bullet shot plus an impalement through a rod.

Too many suspects, but not finding any connection with a motive to murder a teen and his therapist! In the middle of the story, you start feeling, that you are in a pool where every character you meet, needs a therapist, even the therapists themselves need to go under the therapy. The plot stretches way beyond our imagination, and this teen related crime unravels the billion dollar scam going on in the country by government people, psychologists with a help of few thugs.

An interesting psyche-thriller with amazing “unputdownable’ quality. Kellerman is a very aware and intellectual author, who covers political issues with a dose of psychology and mysteries.

Even if it was a fiction work, Kellerman has touched on issues like – sexist view towards LGBT, Israel-Palestine conflicts, genocides, scams in government sector, psychological disorders, etc. So, apart from enjoying the plot, you also get educated about various issues!

Glad, I bought this novel👌

Amazing! Looking forward to read more work by him😁😍


The Client – John Grisham

” At times he thinks like a terrorist, then he cries like a little child.”

                                                                                             – The Client (John Grisham)

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My first Grisham novel and gratifyingly, looking forward to read more!

The quote above I’ve given, becomes a synonym for Mark Sway, the protagonist, in this novel. Mark is an eleven year old child of a single mother, Dianne Sway and have one younger brother, Ricky. But, do not fool yourselves, by looking at his age because his mind works faster than any brave adult or “The FBI”.

No, no,wait! He is not a terrorist, but he is that child who by an incident happens to come to know that fatal secret, which is definitely not suitable for an eleven year old to be familiar. And, that deathly secret, turns his whole life upside-down in just 7 days. From being a trailer kid, he becomes the center of attraction for the paparazzi, FBI, mafia and of course, the headline of ‘Memphis Express’, continuously for those life-changing 7 days.

The Client by John GrishamWell, Grisham is a very brilliant writer. He tells his readers, that “fatal secret” in the beginning itself. As soon as we start reading the novel, he provides us with the secret, to swallow from the start only. So, now, you know what all mystery is there but, you do not know what will be its’ consequences. Likewise, the start is very intriguing, he gives us an almost flabbergasting description of Mark sway, a cigarette smoking child, who now will show Ricky how to smoke.

After, all this, we come to know about the secret, which is, the corpse of a U.S. Senator has been hidden somewhere by a known mafia man, Barry Muldanno and his lawyer, Jerome Clifford, spills his beans to Mark, who is a far-away stranger to him. Jerome, before committing suidcide, tells Mark the exact place where the body of Boyd Boyette is hidden and this directly lands Mark Sway in the world of danger.

FBI, who has been finding this corpse from past eight months and failing on every attempt, now gets all magnetized to our little Mark, whom only Reggie Love (Mark’s lawyer) can secure from FBI, mafia and an all-eyeing Memphis residents.

Though, we know the secret from the start, the story still not fails to make it an unputdownable one! Grisham, himself, being a Law graduate, shows off his knowledge of laws and legal terms, throughout the book and when you’ve finished the reading, you’ll definitely be acquiring much of the knowledge about laws and stuff.

Undoubtedly, I recommend this novel!



Before I Go To Sleep (Movie Adaptation)

Here, see the trailer –

First of all, hello guys! After being absent from 1 month due to my exams, here I am, back with so much to share. I missed you all so much and my lovely lovely blog! 🙂

So, I was trying my hard to get a copy of this titillating novel, but I couldn’t get one due to it’s non-availability at my buying bookstores 😦 I know it feels so sad, when you want to read a novel so badly and you just can’t get it! (It’s worse, actually).

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Thus, I put a stone on my heart and decided to watch its’ movie adaptation (It’s very painful for novel aficionados to watch movie instead of reading!).

But, because S.J. Watson has written such a great plot, no one could deny that the movie had to be fabulous and it really is. It is really worth watching! 😀

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Nicole Kidman is playing the lead. It’s a story of a woman called, “Christine Lucas”, who is amnesiac. After she had a very brutal accident, she has lost her memory. She got blows on head, which resulted in her memory loss disease. She wakes up every day, but doesn’t remember anything what happened to her last night or who herself is she!

The plot picks when she wakes up one day and going with the tradition of oblivion, she asks the man sleeping with her about the questions of her identity and of course, his relationship with her. She is living with Ben Lucas, her husband and has a neurologist on her side, Dr, Nasch, who every day in the morning calls her to tell her who she is. This is done by telling her that to retain her memory he has given her a camera to record things she does everyday and watch it the next day, when she forgets everything.

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All this neurologist thing is hidden from Ben, because everyone and Christine herself has to find out that who gave her this injury and in that case, no one can be trusted, not even the man she is living and waking up with everyday!

The story gets interesting and hell lot interesting at every twist and turn when Christine starts remembering things, because she and only she knows, who gave her head those barbaric blows, but the freaking problem is of her memory.

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I really freaked out when I came to know about the real truth because Christine is really living hell everyday, without her memories and her identity crisis!

A must watch or a must read!


Dark Places By Gillian Flynn

Oh My My!!

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Another gut-punching thriller by Gillian Flynn. Well! I think, after reading her “Gone Girl”, I’ve become overwhelmed with her suspense writing skills. The amount of enthusiasm she pumps into her “killer” climax is simply amazing.

If you are an avid “Thriller” fan and seriously, want a good dose of mystery, suspense and adrenaline rush, then, I will definitely recommend Gillian’s novels, because they are fabulous. She writes in such a fascinating way, that the novel becomes ‘un-put-down-able’ and ‘thrill quenching’.

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And, like I’ve said, this novel is another classic by Gillian. But, this novel is a little disturbing, as in, it includes – a lot of blood-killings, sacrifices, disturbing scenarios, horrifying situations, emotionally shaking, etc. We see a lot of temporal and spatial shifts. The novel opens up with two stories going on, simultaneously, one by present time Libby Day and the other set in 1985 happenings.

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The plot is about, “Day” family, living in Kinnakee, Kansas City, consisting of Patty Day(mother), Libby, Michelle, Debby and Ben (children), which gets killed at the night of 3 January 1985, in a very brutal manner, but two people survive those killings- Libby Day (7 year old) and Ben Day (15 year old).

The whole house gets painted by blood and Satan’s words. Ben Day is accused of killing, no, sacrificing his family in the name of Satan, as he is considered to be a Devil worshipper. Libby somehow, saves herself by running out that time, though her family gets killed. And, Libby is the one, who testifies, that her brother killed her family because she saw him doing that (this is really a question- did she really saw Ben killing or she is just depending on whatever she heard that day or she is saying because she got shocked)

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After 25 years, of that massacre, Libby is getting out of money, and so, she happens to meet a “Kill Club” (a club of people, who investigate mysteries), who thinks, Ben is innocent and the case should be re-searched. At first, Libby opts for this ‘researching’, just to get some money by selling them her family’s old things.

But, after some researching, she too gets a little confused about her decision of thinking Ben, as the main culprit. The story is loaded with neurotic suspense and the climax of “That” night, really unfolds the hidden mysteries of Day family.

I would have liked to unravel the real killer and flabbergasting suspense, the shocking things that happened that night at Day’s house and resulted in such a painful end, but, I really want you guys to have such an amazing dose of thrill yourself.

But, still if you want the “spoiler”, then do tell me, I’ll definitely post the spoiler for you and we can have a discussion on it.

Have a look at this trailer and get the idea of the plot of the book-