Worth melting for you…

Coz some people are worth melting for ❤

“Ignorance is bliss”, they say

and I was an ardent follower too.

Surprises never crossed my way,

only, until you decided to woo.


Hugging me with all the love was something

which you did then, and still do.

It’s been a year now, of our togetherness

clearly, it was worth melting for you!


Perfect in every sense

like an angelic presence you have been.

For me, your passion is so intense

that our love is a kind no one has seen.

Strings Attached 💝

Why does my heart skip a beat,
When you look me straight in the eye?
Everything comes to a still,
All noises die.

Then you come a bit closer to gently caress my face,
A kiss on the forehead is all what it takes
To make me yours and you mine,
The warmth of true love and a smile so benign.

Is this a fleeting moment?
I question myself.
But no! Every time we part and you look back,
I know how strongly our strings are attached!

Thousands of bells rang in my heart!

You were a dream;
too unimaginable to be true.
But you happened to me
and made my love grew.

It’s true that best things happen
when you expect them at least.
Now, that you walk beside me,
I feel complete.

I was at the art gallery
when you came and stood next to me.
You impressed me with your knowledge
and not mere flattery.

It was an instant connection,
I could feel from the start.
Just when you looked at me
thousands of bells rang in my heart!

Your love is my drug!

I wanna get high,
high with your love!

It is my aphrodisiac,
It is my opium.
I need it day & night, I need it every second
To ignite my burning fire, leaving no time to reckon!

Give it to me,
Give it to me all at once!
Increase its dosage
And multiply it with tons.

Don’t let me frown,
Don’t let me shrug!
Inject me heavily with it
Coz baby, your love is my drug

I wanna get high
high with your love!!

Truth vs Lie

A bait was prepared with sugar coated lies,
To trap an innocent and strangle him until he dies.
At first, the innocent couldn’t recognize the false;
He mistook it for hopeful rays but they were rather deep holes.

Fake with its cruel power surrounded the real,
Tried to overshadow the authentic and suck off of its zeal.
A dark fog of a gigantic shape spread out in the front,
As if, everything in sight of clarity & purity, all got burnt.

It seemed to be the defeat of honesty by the malicious falsehood.
All hopes were lost; it served as an end of the world and of all manhood.
But, suddenly the blurring began to reduce,
Integrity became powerful and commenced the act to reproduce.

The game of falsity was now reaching its finishing line,
Recognition happened, virtue gained strength and everything became fine.
The victory of Morality is always there,
We just need to have patience and support the fair!!

Face-To-Face With Life!!

She allured me with all her charming pleasures.
Showcased me the welcoming sunlights, serene landscapes;
Peaceful moon and her heart full of treasures.

It was a hypnotic pull towards the things she represented,
I was unconscious, I was ignorant of all those paper-flowers she scented.
The outer layer and those glamorous experiences, very much glittered.
But the inside, the very kernel, was quite bitter.

As soon as I divested her of all the illusions and attached meanings.
I came face-to-face with her and my soul was screaming.
When the veil of my eyes got unraveled,
I analyzed my motion and realized that everything was same, I never really traveled.

In an encounter with her absurdity, the nothingness and her vices;
Everything became lucid, that my existence was in crisis.
She cut me into infinite pieces with her bloody knife,
And guess what she calls herself, nothing else but, “Human Life”!

My Soul Won’t Easily Fade Away!

My soul descended on Earth,
To penetrate deep into human flesh.
As a baby I took birth,
And my soul felt fresh!

My corporeal form was visible,
But my soul was attached to the mother.
No earthly pleasures can make my soul seizable,
Annihilate, obliterate it or smother!

When I locked my eyes with my lover,
His soul pierced my skin and positioned itself in my heart.
Wherever I went his presence hovered,
We became cupid passengers in the amorous love cart!

Today, I might die,
Burning ashes would turn gray.
But, don’t worry about me or cry
Because my soul won’t easily fade away!

I remember it all!

I remember the time,
When you took my hand in yours.
I remember the time,
When you came nearer and shushed me to say no more.

I remember the time,
When we had our first date.
I remember the time,
When you came early and I always came late.

I remember the time,
When we giggled together.
I remember the time,
When we took an oath, to love each other, today, tomorrow and forever.
I remember the time,
When you were kneeling with a ring and proposed me to marry you.
I remember the time,
When I was awestruck and couldn’t say a word or few.

I remember every second, every phase, every moment spent with you.
I remember it,
I remember it all because I,
I love you!

True Love Is a Blessing!!

“Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same.” – Emily Bronte, Wuthering Heights

I want to introduce the aforementioned enchanting quote as an epigraph to the following piece of my poetry! ❤

Lucky are those, who fall in love,

and get the chance to experience heaven on Earth.

Disguised as a partner, they find their God,

with whose benediction, they prosper and thank Lord.

I found my paradise, when I met you, 

of heart so lovely, and nature so true.

Your hand touched mine and a spell of magic was created,

like in a human’s life balloon, nirvana is inflated.

You are my Adam, out of whom I’m designed,

I’m your poetry and you are my rhyme.

I wanna start my day with you becoming my muse,

it’s only you, who is my meat, my breath and my booze.

My head on your bosom, is the only picture I wanna see everyday,

Wanna sing and dance and revel in gay.

Like a canvas, which supports an artistic piece,

I want you to become my point of cease.

These are the emotions, which I’ve only achieved with you being there,

In a beautiful garden, inhaling the breath of fresh air.

We are two things made up of same compound,

Wanna cuddle in your arms and lose myself in a sleep so profound!!

P. S. – Back from exams 😎😉