Book Review – The Panipuri Crimes by S B Akshobhya

A Tasty Thriller – The Panipuri Crimes by S B Akshobhya

Before talking about the plot or anything I would love to draw your attention towards the title – I mean how creative! It’s like clubbing your two favourites in one name. Clever, right?!

Now, coming to the plot – we have our protagonist, Sagar, who loves to devour panipuris. The book is all about his dream to bring all the pani puri vendors on a digital platform to sell their pani puris. But as we move ahead we come to know that all five entrepreneurs before Sagar, who ventured into the same business have died some mysterious deaths. Thus, the seeds of thrill are sowed and we, as readers, begin contemplating about those mysterious deaths as the plot moves forward. Further, the book also has some twirling love stories to give this thriller some kind of spice. The book builds good intimacy during romantic scenes and even better suspense during the other scenes.

So, all in all this book contains all the right ingredients which make up a perfect panipuri. The book is quite fast and the reader will not at all get bored except for a few scenes inbetween. It uses moderate English which makes it suitable for anyone and everyone.

Note : Panipuri is a popular street side snack in India. It is tangy, spicy, sweet and filling – making it a burst of flavours in mouth.

I would call it a tasty thriller 😉

Ratings – ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Family Ties by Richard Risemberg

Richard Risemberg is a self-published & budding British writer. His genre specializes in exploring and sensitizing human relationships. His novel Family Ties, published in 2016, is divided into three sections. It is a mystery trapped in various complex relationships. One can say that it is quite similar to Khaled Hosseini’s, A Thousand Splendid Sons. As, the former depicts family issues of marriage, love, trust and war, similarly, the latter too showcases family relationships but with a twist of solving up a mystery.

The story opens up with a beautiful description of Lake Helena in Sierra foothills at Los Angeles. The protagonist, Lenny Strasser, a print shop production manager with his landlord and ex-cop friend Red Henshaw arrive here to relax. The narrative and plot of the story is simple yet complex. A Mexican couple Ray and Julia follow them and interestingly, the reason behind this action is not cited. Then, its revealed that landlord Red is missing. Lenny with his relative Uncle Angle, his friend Clarence and Mrs. Williamson, wife of retired cop Mae Belle Williamson investigate about the incident. The mystery begins its journey with the revelation of Red’s whereabouts along with Connie, another person surrounded by the mystery in a dying state. The novel ends in unraveling of a double mystery.

Thus, I rate this novel 5/5. To me, reading this novel was an exciting and overwhelming experience. The narrative technique developed a superb interest in me such that it made me curious to know what next now.

Till the last page of the novel, my heart beat had remained heightened. When I reached the moment that stated double mystery, it swayed me with many questions in my mind. Who kidnapped Red? Is it a personal revenge of someone? Will Lenny be able to save him? Will Lenny succeed in exposing the culprit? What if Red dies? Will the mystery be revealed? If yes, how? Thus, to witness the climax, the novel is must a read.

Moreover, the presentation of the novel in its mysterious form attracted my attention to explore what the mystery Is all about. Therefore, to conclude, the novel title is apt as it highlights the relationship of bondage, love, trust, faith and happiness. The author through mysterious ways has beautifully described the importance of these strong emotional concepts in a person’s life.

You can reach out to Richard Risemberg at

All Around The Town by Mary Higgins Clark

Mary Higgins Clark, is an American author of suspense novels.  Her debut novel was Where Are The Children and ever since her first novel, each novel has been a bestseller. Her books are widely read in The United States and various other European countries. And, I must say that Mary Higgins Clark made me fall in love with the world of crime and mystery.



Reading this book was one of the best and the worst decisions of my life, both because of how intense it was. I usually savor any book I read, spend a good amount of time on it, taking in the tiniest details, but this book is impossible to keep down. In certain chapters, Clark had me pulling my hair and biting my nails. Never have I read a book that has made me feel so many emotions at the same time. It was nerve-wrecking, beautiful as well as emotional.

The story revolves around the Kenyon sisters, Laurie and Sarah.

Laurie, a twenty one year old student who is charged with the murder of her professor, has no recollection of it which is strange because her fingerprints are all around the crime scene.  So what really happened?

4 years old Laurie is kidnapped, only to return after two years with hardly any memory of the trauma she faced.  Sarah feels extremely guilty about not having spent enough time with her little sister and promises to take care of her and continues to keep that promise 20 years from the day Laurie is returned. When the sisters lose their parents in a car accident, Laurie’s mental health starts to take a toll and she starts blaming herself for everything that has ever happened in her life, including her abduction. Her concerned elder sister sends her to see a therapist who is concerned that Laurie might have developed multiple personalities during the years of her abduction. Laurie, the host personality is unaware of the existence of the others. However, when she is charged with the murder of Professor Alan Grant, she fears that one of the personalities “Leona” may have committed the crime.

The story had turned me into an emotional wreck, the portrayal of each personality, and what role they played in Laurie’s life is absolutely mind blowing.. Even though I was so eager to get this book over with and find out who the killer is, I never wanted it to end. The book contains so many twists, if you’re convinced about who the killer is, trust me, you might want to think again.

I would give this book a 5/5 rating.

Discussing 13 Reasons Why (Spoilers Included)

So, I have recently finished both reading and watching the very popular 13 Reasons Why story. And I cannot wait to discuss it with you guys. As you know, it is a story about a girl, Hannah, who commits suicide and leaves a series of tapes (audio recordings) behind stating the 13 reasons (13 people) why she died.


Let’s begin the discussion:

Unearthing some deeply buried questions

I think Jay Asher has written this story phenomenally. He must be proud that his writing could successfully unearth some deeply buried questions which, we as a society, had almost forgotten. Both the TV series and the book highlight certain significant issues such as High School bullying, an increase in suicidal tendencies among children, the issue of loneliness and how to cope up with such stresses. The release of this story thus, teaches both parents & children the importance of communication and how to channel such stresses out rather than letting them build up inside. And, this type of communication is only possible when both the children and the parents would be open with each other.

Each character stands for something

Each character in the story is symbolic of one negative aspect which compels the life (Hannah) to choke itself. For instance, Bryce symbolizes the rich & powerful who can get away with anything nasty he does. He first rapes Jessica and then, Hannah. Justin Foley can be seen as the character who wants an alliance with the rich & powerful and in doing so, he has to agree to even the wrong things happening in front of him. Likewise, everybody’s character is an extension of the wrong prevailing in our society.

Hannah’s character is a bit too oversensitive/over melodramatic

Undoubtedly, it is a heart-rending tale of a girl taking her own life due to the injustice happening to her and around her. But, I found her character to be a bit over melodramatic. There are some instances which I found a bit silly. For instance, Hannah’s bashing of the Clay, her voluntarily going to Bryce’s party, etc.

Lastly, the glorification/romanticization of the suicide

Personally, I did not feel that the show romanticized the idea of suicide. There is a lot of debate going on whether Hannah’s suicide scene sort of glorifies or reinforces the idea of suicide or not. When I saw that scene, I could see how Hannah is shown feeling the pain of slitting her wrists. They did not show her enjoying the suicide. Also the tv show shows how the Bakers suffer to find out the reason(s) behind Hannah’s suicide which conveys that a suicide affects a lot of people in a lot of ways. But, it could be argued that the idea of leaving tapes behind could be received as an attractive way of committing suicide.

Let me know your thoughts & opinions on this book/show in the comments section below 😀

Happy reading ❤ xoxo

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo – By Stieg Larsson

Review Time 😀

“Everyone has secrets…it’s just a matter of finding out what they are”, this true-to-the-core phrase, printed on the cover of this book, is exactly what this book explores throughout. “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”, is the first book of the millennium trilogy, written by the spectacular author, Stieg Larsson. This is the only trilogy that Larsson wrote and denied us the pleasure of reading more of his works because of his early death. It feels very unfortunate when we lose such precious authors to the God.

So, coming back to the review of this book, I would say it is a perfectly pieced murder-mystery narrative, dealing mainly with incest, psychopathology and sadism. The plot revolves around the industrialist Henrik Vanger’s obsession with finding the murderer of his grand-daughter Harriet and is sure, that the murderer is none other than someone from his own family. The frame of the plot is very simple – somebody had killed Harriet and there is a lookout for the murderer. Now, the twisted part comes in when we get to know that it’s been 40 years to the killing (even her body could not be found) and someone sends a pressed flower frame, every year, on the occasion of Henrik’s birthday. Sending a pressed flower frame is like a ritual that Harriet used to do before her disappearance. So, it is quite clear that, definitely, the murderer is some family member who knows about this ritual but the question arises who could it be?

So, this is the basic plot and then, we meet Mikael Blomkovist, a financial journalist, who is entangled in his own plot. He had a wrong story published about some big tycoon and is, now, facing charges for defamation. Mikael is our protagonist, in future, he is appointed by Vanger to find out who killed Harriet. Now, this is what I loved about Larsson’s narrative, he makes a journalist to be the crime-solver of this nearly-impossible-to-solve case. Usually, in other crime-mystery narratives, we see that a detective or a police inspector is on the lookout for the killer but here a journalist is hired to do so.

Since, Larsson himself was a journalist, so, this book completely justifies that there is no better detective/investigator than a journalist. And, you will love Blomkovist for being an extremely relatable investigator. He won’t behave extraordinarily, like Sherlock or someone with super powers, his mind works exactly like you and me. He would commit mistakes, jump onto wrong conclusions and you would feel lethargic when he would feel so. This is why I loved Larsson’s characterization because his characters are with similar daily life problems like we do. Next is the character of Lisbeth Salander (she is the girl with the dragon tattoo) who is a psychologically problem adult. She has a very unique personality, especially on the physical front (spikes, tattoos, piercings). But she is a brilliant computer hacker and it is with her aid that Blomkovist is able to solve the crime.

Undoubtedly, I would recommend this novel for sure and there are 2 more in the trilogy which I would try to get hands on asap. The story is so engaging that you will find your fingers denying to let go of this novel!

I am not spilling any beans because I want you guys to read it and get the savory taste it offers for yourself☺

Exclusive by Sandra Brown

Click to buy it now – Exclusive

Oh my, my!

After Gone Girl, I would want this story to hit the big screens. I cannot tell you, how amazingly Sandra Brown has written this novel. Till now, I used to think Gillian Flynn to be the ‘Queen’ of thrills which gives you chills, but with Sandra Brown, I want to rethink my decision.

“Crazy people can get away with just about anything. You’d be amazed”

After finishing this novel, I was feeling as amazed as anyone could be after having a mind-spinning time with this novel. Exclusive, is a tale of revenge, betrayal, corruption and a lot more unimaginable things.

Barrie Travis, a WVUE reporter doesn’t know what she is going to get into after she has an interview with the First Lady on SIDS. Vanessa Malcomb Merritt is the wife of David Merritt, a U.S. President. After losing their baby due to SIDS, Vanessa approaches Barrie to do a report on the subject, but her gestures hints toward something more malicious than what has been shown on the surface behind the baby’s death.

The novel starts questioning, whether the royal baby, Robert Rushton Merritt, died of SIDS or has been smothered due to some dirty reasons. The story unveils with the coming of Gray Bondurant, an ex-presidential aide, with the help of whom, Barrie can unearth nasty secrets of President’s Oval Office!

This novel is a suspense till the end! Let me tell you, whatever big guesser you have been in your life, this novel’s story can breach your guessing game. It is a  three times more thrill and aphrodisiac in nature than what you have seen in Gone Girl.

The fake innocence, the lies and feigned reputations, all comes to an end with this novel. Every character you meet is sharp and have something to be of guilty on their shoulders.

Along with the sensitive theme of SIDS, this novel carries a leitmotif of infidelity, power lust, and Frankenstein adage of, ” it fell to the creator to destroy his creation”.

I hope, you don’t want me to spill the beans and tell you the jaw-dropping end! Better buy this scorching novel and get a taste of intoxication yourselves! ? ?

In the end, I’m sure you also must have read those stories, which should be made into movies. I would appreciate, if you wanna list those novels and let me know about them in the comment box! ?


The Client – John Grisham

” At times he thinks like a terrorist, then he cries like a little child.”

                                                                                             – The Client (John Grisham)

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My first Grisham novel and gratifyingly, looking forward to read more!

The quote above I’ve given, becomes a synonym for Mark Sway, the protagonist, in this novel. Mark is an eleven year old child of a single mother, Dianne Sway and have one younger brother, Ricky. But, do not fool yourselves, by looking at his age because his mind works faster than any brave adult or “The FBI”.

No, no,wait! He is not a terrorist, but he is that child who by an incident happens to come to know that fatal secret, which is definitely not suitable for an eleven year old to be familiar. And, that deathly secret, turns his whole life upside-down in just 7 days. From being a trailer kid, he becomes the center of attraction for the paparazzi, FBI, mafia and of course, the headline of ‘Memphis Express’, continuously for those life-changing 7 days.

The Client by John GrishamWell, Grisham is a very brilliant writer. He tells his readers, that “fatal secret” in the beginning itself. As soon as we start reading the novel, he provides us with the secret, to swallow from the start only. So, now, you know what all mystery is there but, you do not know what will be its’ consequences. Likewise, the start is very intriguing, he gives us an almost flabbergasting description of Mark sway, a cigarette smoking child, who now will show Ricky how to smoke.

After, all this, we come to know about the secret, which is, the corpse of a U.S. Senator has been hidden somewhere by a known mafia man, Barry Muldanno and his lawyer, Jerome Clifford, spills his beans to Mark, who is a far-away stranger to him. Jerome, before committing suidcide, tells Mark the exact place where the body of Boyd Boyette is hidden and this directly lands Mark Sway in the world of danger.

FBI, who has been finding this corpse from past eight months and failing on every attempt, now gets all magnetized to our little Mark, whom only Reggie Love (Mark’s lawyer) can secure from FBI, mafia and an all-eyeing Memphis residents.

Though, we know the secret from the start, the story still not fails to make it an unputdownable one! Grisham, himself, being a Law graduate, shows off his knowledge of laws and legal terms, throughout the book and when you’ve finished the reading, you’ll definitely be acquiring much of the knowledge about laws and stuff.

Undoubtedly, I recommend this novel!



Before I Go To Sleep (Movie Adaptation)

Here, see the trailer –

First of all, hello guys! After being absent from 1 month due to my exams, here I am, back with so much to share. I missed you all so much and my lovely lovely blog! 🙂

So, I was trying my hard to get a copy of this titillating novel, but I couldn’t get one due to it’s non-availability at my buying bookstores 😦 I know it feels so sad, when you want to read a novel so badly and you just can’t get it! (It’s worse, actually).

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Thus, I put a stone on my heart and decided to watch its’ movie adaptation (It’s very painful for novel aficionados to watch movie instead of reading!).

But, because S.J. Watson has written such a great plot, no one could deny that the movie had to be fabulous and it really is. It is really worth watching! 😀

Hurry, Buy the DVD now!

Nicole Kidman is playing the lead. It’s a story of a woman called, “Christine Lucas”, who is amnesiac. After she had a very brutal accident, she has lost her memory. She got blows on head, which resulted in her memory loss disease. She wakes up every day, but doesn’t remember anything what happened to her last night or who herself is she!

The plot picks when she wakes up one day and going with the tradition of oblivion, she asks the man sleeping with her about the questions of her identity and of course, his relationship with her. She is living with Ben Lucas, her husband and has a neurologist on her side, Dr, Nasch, who every day in the morning calls her to tell her who she is. This is done by telling her that to retain her memory he has given her a camera to record things she does everyday and watch it the next day, when she forgets everything.

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All this neurologist thing is hidden from Ben, because everyone and Christine herself has to find out that who gave her this injury and in that case, no one can be trusted, not even the man she is living and waking up with everyday!

The story gets interesting and hell lot interesting at every twist and turn when Christine starts remembering things, because she and only she knows, who gave her head those barbaric blows, but the freaking problem is of her memory.

Hurry, Buy the DVD now!

I really freaked out when I came to know about the real truth because Christine is really living hell everyday, without her memories and her identity crisis!

A must watch or a must read!


The Perfect Lie – Sharon Sala

This is my first novel by Sharon Sala and after reading it, I can surely as well as definitely can count on her as of a captivating writer.

Though, the outline of the plot is very much mundane, but the intricacy of the falsifying truths are really well threaded by Sala in the novel.

The title “The Perfect Lie”, on it’s own, though gives the readers a nice peekaboo of the things going to be , which is being untrue, but only the deepness of the lies is understood, when we delve ourselves into the story. Jonah Slade’s ( the protagonist), whole world turns around, when he comes face-to-face with a 16 year old lie in the form of an abducted son, by none other than the biggest & merciless Lord of drug mafia.

The pace of this action- based novel not only becomes unputdownable, but an all time “reader-guessing” too. Evan Blaine, the till now “unknown” heir of Jonah, gets abducted by the men of Miguel Caldrone, in the face of REVENGE. Felicity Blaine lies to Jonah, 16 years ago, that she aborted his child, because of the pressure of abandoning her from the Blaine estate by her father and a billionaire owner of the Blaine estate, Declyn Blaine.

Cauldrone’s “an eye for an eye and a son for a son” revenge plan takes shape, when Jonah, being a CIA undercover cop, kills Alejandro (Miguel’s son).

From the abduction till the rescuing of Evan, many unsaid and unrevealed truths unfold, making the plot, more and more chilling. Though, in the end, Jonah does looses a few ” very-close-to-his-heart” people but, finds new lovers and also starts a new life of truth!

The characters are powerful, commanding and overwhelming. Incidents touch the soul directly, making it a beautiful story of ” Family Restoration as well as Father-Son relation”.

Dark Places By Gillian Flynn

Oh My My!!

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Another gut-punching thriller by Gillian Flynn. Well! I think, after reading her “Gone Girl”, I’ve become overwhelmed with her suspense writing skills. The amount of enthusiasm she pumps into her “killer” climax is simply amazing.

If you are an avid “Thriller” fan and seriously, want a good dose of mystery, suspense and adrenaline rush, then, I will definitely recommend Gillian’s novels, because they are fabulous. She writes in such a fascinating way, that the novel becomes ‘un-put-down-able’ and ‘thrill quenching’.

Click here to buy now!

And, like I’ve said, this novel is another classic by Gillian. But, this novel is a little disturbing, as in, it includes – a lot of blood-killings, sacrifices, disturbing scenarios, horrifying situations, emotionally shaking, etc. We see a lot of temporal and spatial shifts. The novel opens up with two stories going on, simultaneously, one by present time Libby Day and the other set in 1985 happenings.

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The plot is about, “Day” family, living in Kinnakee, Kansas City, consisting of Patty Day(mother), Libby, Michelle, Debby and Ben (children), which gets killed at the night of 3 January 1985, in a very brutal manner, but two people survive those killings- Libby Day (7 year old) and Ben Day (15 year old).

The whole house gets painted by blood and Satan’s words. Ben Day is accused of killing, no, sacrificing his family in the name of Satan, as he is considered to be a Devil worshipper. Libby somehow, saves herself by running out that time, though her family gets killed. And, Libby is the one, who testifies, that her brother killed her family because she saw him doing that (this is really a question- did she really saw Ben killing or she is just depending on whatever she heard that day or she is saying because she got shocked)

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After 25 years, of that massacre, Libby is getting out of money, and so, she happens to meet a “Kill Club” (a club of people, who investigate mysteries), who thinks, Ben is innocent and the case should be re-searched. At first, Libby opts for this ‘researching’, just to get some money by selling them her family’s old things.

But, after some researching, she too gets a little confused about her decision of thinking Ben, as the main culprit. The story is loaded with neurotic suspense and the climax of “That” night, really unfolds the hidden mysteries of Day family.

I would have liked to unravel the real killer and flabbergasting suspense, the shocking things that happened that night at Day’s house and resulted in such a painful end, but, I really want you guys to have such an amazing dose of thrill yourself.

But, still if you want the “spoiler”, then do tell me, I’ll definitely post the spoiler for you and we can have a discussion on it.

Have a look at this trailer and get the idea of the plot of the book-