Review Policy

I review books which mainly deal with a thriller plot (fantasy, fiction, sci-fi, crime, mystery) and even classics. I am not really a big fan of romantic novels or chick flicks. There is no time bound on my blog for posting a book review, it is just that as soon as I finish reading & analyzing it, I post the review. These are honest reviews by me containing my personal opinions about that novel and might be different from yours.

If, you want any book to be reviewed by me then, drop me a mail citing the book’s name and its genre. The possibility of the review will depend upon the availability of that book at my place. Or, if you like, you can send me a book that you would like to be reviewed by me.

We charge a small amount of fee for reviewing the self-published books.

My team and I are open to literary discussions and any other collaborations.

Get in touch with us at –

P.S. – We reply to all the mails but since we get a lot of mails, so, please be patient. We will definitely reply 🙂