10 Upcoming Thriller Novels of 2017 I am Extremely Excited About

Upcoming Thriller delight list 😀

By now, you all must be familiar with my crazy/insane/neurotic (LOL) love for thrillers. I am a die-hard thriller/mystery fan; they are the bread & wine of my life. So, today I will be listing 10 of the upcoming thriller novels of 2017 I am excited AF about. The list includes some of my top favorite novelists like Grisham & Patterson along with some newbies (for me). You can click the pictures and read their synopsis. You can also pre-order these books by clicking on the image and a link will open which will allow you to order. Since I am a pretty huge fan of thrillers, therefore, I have already pre-ordered all of them. So, let’s get started:-


If, I have missed out any of your upcoming thriller then, do let me know about it via the comments section 🙂


Welcoming 2017 with Optimism! :D

Come, what may! I wish you all a very happy and prosperous new year ❤

It’s the time to welcome a new year – 2017 with all the optimism and altruism 😀

I don’t know whether 2016 had been good with you or not but I believe that you made a lot of mistakes :p and learnt a new lesson every time! And, there’s one more thing that 2016 gave you, which is, – it added 365 more days of experience to your life 😉

Coming to me, 2016 had been a difficult year for me as I lost one of my loved one to God. But I guess, whether 2016 was a miss or a hit, I just wanna thank god for enabling me to make sane decisions. I wanna thank god for keeping me strong enough to endure the pain of losing someone so close. And, I wanna thank god for making me realize my mistakes and blessing me with the potential to eliminate negative thoughts. So, here I am, stepping in 2017 with all the optimism and leaving behind the cloud of despair of 2016.

So, party hard and if, you are not good at making resolutions (like me) then, just make one resolution of working hard & being honest towards everything & everyone, rest will fall in order 🙂

Come, what may! I wish you all a very happy and prosperous new year ❤

Stay tuned! A lot of amazing book reviews are coming your way, this year 😉 Keep showering your love on Novelacious 😀