Lone Wolf by Jodi Picoult

Are you willing to sacrifice your love for your love? Jodi Picoult deals with the ultimate question of true love and loyalty in the heart-wrenching novel.

Imagine someone you love dearly. Now imagine that this person is sick and dying, and the life he lives is too painful to be worth it. So much so that you know for a fact that this person, if he was well enough to say it, would beg for death himself. Now if you had the choice to grant this…….would you do it? Would you be able to let him die or would you not? And would you be more selfish if you let him go, or if you keep him in that perpetual state of misery because you are too attached to give him up?

Questions like these do not have answers. The reason is that none of us are willing to think about them until we have to. This is what happened in the life of Luke Warren. The man who ran with the wolves (literally). He was an adventurer, too wild to have lived an ordinary life. Ironically though, not these adventures but a car accident put him in a coma one unfortunate night. The real tragedy however is what happens to his family next, as they have to decide whether to let him go off the ventilator or keep him in that vegetative state. Fully aware of the fact that he would never want a life like that, his family still cannot decide if they are ready to let him go.

This brilliant novel is yet another masterpiece by Jodi Picoult where she deals with the ultimate question of true love and loyalty- are you willing to sacrifice your love for your love? This tear-jerking and heart-wrenching novel is sure to leave its readers in a state of emotional trauma and purification.

Hence, I recommend it to everyone who has a strong enough heart. Personally, I fell in love with how well Picoult expressed human feelings and cannot wait to read more of this authors brilliant penmanship.

Proud To Be A Book Addict :)

Am a book addict and you know what? Am proud to be one.

Wanna know why am so much addicted to books? Well! Check out my reasons then 😉




Books are my BFFs– They are my best-est buddies. They are loyal, long-lasting and supportive, plus, they come in so many genres I like 😀



Behind every stack of books is a flood of knowledge



Books are my knowledgeable escape – They provide me an escape from the harsh realities of this world and take me to some pool of knowledgeable, where I swim with freedom!







Books open my gates of creativity – After reading such brilliant pieces of works, they not only aware me of things but make my Mr. Brain to think in a creative direction too.






I feel so much connected ❤ – They touch my emotional side and sometimes, realize me, that am not the only one, who has experienced all those happenings!


Coffee and a Book



My coffee cup feels lonely without books – A perfect holidaying for me is to have a cup of coffee ( a cup of hot chocolate will also work ) in one hand, and a novel in the other, LOVELY !! ❤