World Book Day & Remembering Shakespeare

“A book is a gift you can open again and again.” – Garrison Keillor

Happy World Book Day guys ❤

In this digitally enslaved world, we have lost many of our readers to the technology. Almost everybody prefers to read online or watch movies instead of putting even a little effort in buying & reading a book. So, taking the advantage of this blog; a global platform, I would really want to appeal to people to buy tangible books and read as much as they can. Books are really magical. If, you are a non-reader then please take a pledge this day to read at least 1 book in your free time. Books carry the power to transport you to a land full of bliss. Trust me, once you will read a book, you will get addicted to reading. By buying books, one not only gets the opportunity to submerge her/himself in the ocean of words but also it’s a great way to encourage aspiring writers. So, buy more & more books and allow your life to be changed drastically. Once a reader, always a reader ❤ 🙂

Also, today is the death anniversary of the evergreen William Shakespeare. I would just want to quote one of my favorite Shakespearean quotes –

“We know what we are, but know not what we may be.”

P.S. – Thank you for such a heart warming response for our previous post about guest post writing. We have received and are still receiving huge amount of mails for guest posting. So, I hope, I’d be able to schedule as many guest posts as possible 🙂

Books- My knowledgeable bliss!!

You’re immersed in the thick batter of savory knowledge;
Spreading a palatable fragrance all around, and seducing everyone with some magical haulage,
The moment that luscious fragrance enters my nostrils, it widely opens all my senses,
Every cell in my body gets filled with curiosity, like a pious place is surrounded with incenses.

Your consumption, for me, becomes a delightful honor;
Mystery, romantic, gothic or scientific, I love you in every form and genre,
You’re my guide, friend and best preacher,
You stay loyal to me, without any condition or being a mean creature.

I find in you, my perfect soul-thirst quencher;
You and only you, can make my existence a utopic one,
Providing me a knowledgeable bliss and being my gratifying drencher;
You’re one in a million but, “my only one” in tons!

My loyal friend – Mr. Book

                   “My world is books and books are my world” 

Books never leave me alone, even if, anyone goes out of my life, I cry my eyes out, longing for them to come back, but they just do not come back, but my best friends, books are always there for me, staying with me always.

They stay with me, for without any demands or conditions, always giving me a shoulder, an invisible friend to share my thoughts with!!

Had A Dream!!

So, here I was last night in my cosy bedroom, reading my novel ( which I’m about to complete and will provide a review ASAP) and with it taking sips of coffee. Feels like heaven , isn’t it ? Of course yes!!

And then I don’t know, when I fell asleep. Looks like, my whole day exhaustion made me fall asleep, because otherwise I never do that with having novel in my hand. Duhh!!

Well, the best part is that I had a dream. Ohh yeah!! A dream where I was in a room full of my favourite novels. Reading there whichever novel I grabbed like a retard, but who cares how I looked like ? The thing that only matters is here I was in my own world comprising a hell lot of books and food. Ohh yes!! A paradise I must say 😀

And then, my alarm shouting, no actually, screaming on my side and I woke up 😦 Destroying no wait, annihilating my dream so badly.

But, then I realised, cool down babe, you still have beside you a shelf full of great unread novels.

So, Chill!!

Sometimes , dreams are the ones who tell us or I should say teach us the real importance of reality.