A Murder is Announced by Agatha Christie

The murderer has given an invitation in the newspaper that it is going to murder someone, but actually kills himself. Let’s see how Miss Marple will solve this case!

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I hope you must be in good health. In these tough times I can proudly admit that “reading is therapeutic”.

So, I just finished reading another classic from the “Dame” Agatha Christie and Ia m absolutely thrilled to write this review.

I have read books with Mr. Poirot as a detective but had never read one with Miss Marple. And this book – A Murder is Announced” features Miss Marple as the detective.

The book starts with an announcement of a murder. There is an advertisement in the Gazette that a murder is to take place at Little Paddocks (Ms. Letitia Blacklock’s) house at 6:30pm on October 29 and the whole village is invited to see it.

It seems like an odd ad and people think, including Letitia herself, that it’s some kind of a game that somebody had arranged. So, everybody goes at Ms. Blacklock’s place to see what is it. Now, when the clock strikes half past six, all the lights go out, a man with a torch comes and fires thrice. When the lights come back, we get to know that Miss Blackock’s ear is bleeding and this man is lying on the ground dead.

The man turns out to be Rudi Scherz, a Swiss guy working at a hotel. This whole scenario looks a lot confusing and surprising to everybody as who might want to kill Ms. Blacklock and then eventually would shoot himself?

When the sheriffs dig a lil deeper into Ms. Blacklock’s past they get to know that she worked for a tycoon who left all his wealth in her name. The conditions are that she will get the money after the tycoon’s wife dies or if Ms. Blacklock dies first then all the money would go to Pip and Emma, the children of tycoon’s sister.

Miss Marple aids to solve the case and the novel gets all the more interesting by each passing page. Christie make sures that readers find it hard to put the book down.

There are around 20-25 characters and each of them has a vital role to play. The suspense continues till the end and when it is revealed, it comes as a huge surprise.

I would definitely recommend this book to my readers.

My Rating – 5/5

The Purloined Letter – Edgar Allan Poe


Whenever I get the honor to study the detective fiction narratives, I just go into the state of “euphoria”. Especially, when I’m exposed to the works of Poe, Doyle and Christie, my ecstasy becomes inexplicable!

Likewise, recently I was reading this short story, “The Purloined Letter” by Poe (father of detective fiction) and found myself overwhelmed with this brilliant piece of one of his ‘tales of ratiocination’.

The story revolves around a pivotal letter getting stolen and the way with which our detective & protagonist, C. Auguste Dupin solves the case. Though, this case of a letter being purloined is crystal clear and the person who has stolen it is also known, but still it is a mystery which is “simple yet odd”!

In short, it’s just a story of finding a “purloined letter”. On one side, the Police Prefect, turns upside down the whole house of, Minister G (culprit) and yet couldn’t find the letter, while on the other hand Dupin, just solves it the minute he listens the case. Dupin gives a beautiful explanation of his “logical deduction”, suggesting that the perspective with which one looks at things is all that matters. It is a story of “looking at things differently”.

So, Dupin explains that the Prefect was searching it in all the wrong places, while the letter was just lying right in front of his eyes so casually.      

We all do this, right? Whenever we loose something we just look for that thing in difficult places and couldn’t find it, while that thing is lying right in front of our eyes. Because, we are told that complex things can’t be solved easily, thus, we avoid to “look at the other side of the things”.

In the end, I can just say that while being a detective story, it also carries a very strong message on “the perspective of looking at things differently”!
Just Read It!

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