Family Ties by Richard Risemberg

Richard Risemberg is a self-published & budding British writer. His genre specializes in exploring and sensitizing human relationships. His novel Family Ties, published in 2016, is divided into three sections. It is a mystery trapped in various complex relationships. One can say that it is quite similar to Khaled Hosseini’s, A Thousand Splendid Sons. As, the former depicts family issues of marriage, love, trust and war, similarly, the latter too showcases family relationships but with a twist of solving up a mystery.

The story opens up with a beautiful description of Lake Helena in Sierra foothills at Los Angeles. The protagonist, Lenny Strasser, a print shop production manager with his landlord and ex-cop friend Red Henshaw arrive here to relax. The narrative and plot of the story is simple yet complex. A Mexican couple Ray and Julia follow them and interestingly, the reason behind this action is not cited. Then, its revealed that landlord Red is missing. Lenny with his relative Uncle Angle, his friend Clarence and Mrs. Williamson, wife of retired cop Mae Belle Williamson investigate about the incident. The mystery begins its journey with the revelation of Red’s whereabouts along with Connie, another person surrounded by the mystery in a dying state. The novel ends in unraveling of a double mystery.

Thus, I rate this novel 5/5. To me, reading this novel was an exciting and overwhelming experience. The narrative technique developed a superb interest in me such that it made me curious to know what next now.

Till the last page of the novel, my heart beat had remained heightened. When I reached the moment that stated double mystery, it swayed me with many questions in my mind. Who kidnapped Red? Is it a personal revenge of someone? Will Lenny be able to save him? Will Lenny succeed in exposing the culprit? What if Red dies? Will the mystery be revealed? If yes, how? Thus, to witness the climax, the novel is must a read.

Moreover, the presentation of the novel in its mysterious form attracted my attention to explore what the mystery Is all about. Therefore, to conclude, the novel title is apt as it highlights the relationship of bondage, love, trust, faith and happiness. The author through mysterious ways has beautifully described the importance of these strong emotional concepts in a person’s life.

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A Thousand Splendid Suns By Khaled Hosseini

Khaled Hosseini is an Afghan born American novelist who wrote three best-selling books – Kite Runner, A Thousand Splendid Suns and And The Mountains Echoed. When I read his books I realized that Khaled Hosseini has a deep understanding of human emotions and relationships which is reflected in his writing.



“A Thousand Splendid Suns” took me to the middle of Afghanistan and threw me in the turmoil that Afghanistan went through for thirty years. Khaled Hosseini left no stones unturned to describe how women were oppressed by the men who were supposed to be their protectors. But this book is not about how women were treated nor about the ongoing war. It is about the beautiful relationship that formed between two women who were supposed to be hostile towards each other. Mariam and Laila were born in two different generation but shared the same husband. Although Mariam resented Laila but later they became each other’s saviors. Mistreated and abused, Mariam and Laila found solace in each other. And that’s where the beauty of the book lies.

Most of the books only talk about lovers or blood relations but this book dealt with a much more difficult relationship which could not be termed in words. Mariam & Laila were sisters sometimes and sometimes mother and daughter but what bound them together was their love for each other. It is not a romantic novel but it has shown love in a manner that expresses love in a more complex yet better way than any romance novel could. Love in any form even as a memory is the key to survive any harshness that the world puts on us.

This book made me feel angry and disgusted at the world and yet those two women brought happiness and hope, a happiness in the midst of immense sorrow. A happiness that I never thought could be possible in such a situation but Khaled Hosseini showed me that the heart had mysterious ways to find hope of survival.

I would give this book a 5/5 rating and would recommend it to the readers, so that, they themselves could experience the emotions that I have experienced through Hosseini’s writing.

Ways of Decoding the Language

Language is the way of expressing our thoughts.

We use language to say what we are feeling, our emotions, the thoughts swinging in our minds, etc,etc. It is such a helpful tool that a human has discovered to convey his/her feelings towards others.

We all speak different languages like French, Spanish, Italian, Latin,and a thousands of others, but the common thing is that though we use different words but our ultimate goal is to convey what we feel. Those who fumble/stutter while speaking, find themselves comfortable in writing their emotions down.

But, language also depends on who is interpreting it ( Give it a thought!)

Language plays multiple roles – deceptive, elusive, disguised, etc.

Many scholars have used language as codes to be decoded by their followers only, and some have painted scriptures with hidden messages in them. Even geometrical figures have been used with some kind of secrecy in them. This all contributes to the fact that we all have been using language as a kind of shield to protect our real thoughts underneath. Let us say, play writers like – Shakespeare, Chaucer, Marlowe, or Homer – wrote certain things on surface but meant something else beneath. These things can only be deciphered by reading between the lines.

One person deciphers the language according to his/her own favorable conditions. Don’t we do that all the time? We just decipher it in whatever way we want to decipher it. For example, we could easily misunderstand a sarcastic remark as a compliment, depending our ability to understand sarcasm. Now, what else plays a big role in deciphering the language is our individual personality. For instance, if, I am a good person then, my perception of others would also be similar. If, I know I am honest then, I perceive other people to be honest too.

So, what does this shows? It shows that whatever our ” I ” wants to accept is what we see from our “EYES”.

So, my point is that when we carefully peel out the layers, we come across the real meaning, then only we get to know how beautiful this invention of LANGUAGE is. Some people using the language so loosely while other using it so carefully (choosing words carefully).

It becomes a positive tool when the man knows its value and could even influence people with his/her words.

I must say, the art of writing or even speaking is really a gift to certain people by God.

“Some can create big wonders with this tool while some can create blunders!!”

Emotions know no gender!

Breaking the gender stereotypes for expressing emotions!!

Everything in this “man-made” world is gender biased, even your emotions. Yes! Even your EMOTIONS. Why am I saying that? Well, that’s what I’ve been witnessing all around me. That’s what everyone teaches and that’s what our cinema portrays every god damn time.

Just because I’m born in a certain body type that doesn’t place me in any privileged position of getting to overreact at any petty thing. Or getting born in another body type ceases my way of outward expression. But that’s what happens, that’s what the societal code tells us to do.

For SOCIETY – WOMEN & MEN should behave according to their gender stereotypes. You can not cry or express your inward stream of emotions so explicitly just because you are a guy? I mean come on, seriously? Who gets to decide all this shit? Before being any so-called gender, you are a human. And like every human, you have the right to show your emotions in any way you want to.

It won’t emasculate any man if he chooses to express his emotions overtly or it won’t make me any less of a woman if I doesn’t cry much. I’ve witnessed some people don’t accepting this gender biased emotions crap, but many of us still do. Why do we discriminate such a man who cries or a woman who is less fussy about small things? Emotions do not come to us according to our gender and we should not maintain these gender stereotypes. Emotions know no gender boundaries and society shouldn’t judge you or tag you as an effeminate man or a heartless woman if you don’t show your emotions according to their expectations of your gender.

So don’t repress your crying, let it be out, at least I won’t judge you for your emotions!

Aftermaths of “Music” on me!

My soul begins flowing with the rhythm divine,
Synchronically, swallowing every word of the line,
All the emotions mould themselves into the savory droplets of a wine,
Which slowly and steadily blends with my bloodline.
Such are the effects experienced ,after each song, by the body of
So, now I can assume, that you understand that at listening the word “music”, why my eyes shine!