You Are My Life!

End of the day and
you are in my head.
Thinking of how much I love you,
And how much I miss you.

Thinking of your beautiful smile,
Your eyes that speak so much.
Wishing that i could be with you, right now,
And feel your loving touch.

I know I will always love you,
There’s no one else for me in this world which is more important than you.

The two of us together is,
something which is my motive.
It’s so good to have someone lend,
A shoulder when needed;
It’s so good to have your face in my neck.
It’s so good to have my arms around you.
Someone cheering on the sidelines,
When I have succeeded.

Your sweetness and thoughtfulness,
Has surely won my heart.
I pray you will always love me,
Now and forevermore.
Because you are my sweetheart,
The one that I adore.

I pray, that god give all your sadness to me and my all happiness in your feet.

I pray you always love me.. Because at the end I’m selfish because I don’t wanna loose you.

You are my life!