True Love Is a Blessing!!

“Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same.” – Emily Bronte, Wuthering Heights

I want to introduce the aforementioned enchanting quote as an epigraph to the following piece of my poetry! ❤

Lucky are those, who fall in love,

and get the chance to experience heaven on Earth.

Disguised as a partner, they find their God,

with whose benediction, they prosper and thank Lord.

I found my paradise, when I met you, 

of heart so lovely, and nature so true.

Your hand touched mine and a spell of magic was created,

like in a human’s life balloon, nirvana is inflated.

You are my Adam, out of whom I’m designed,

I’m your poetry and you are my rhyme.

I wanna start my day with you becoming my muse,

it’s only you, who is my meat, my breath and my booze.

My head on your bosom, is the only picture I wanna see everyday,

Wanna sing and dance and revel in gay.

Like a canvas, which supports an artistic piece,

I want you to become my point of cease.

These are the emotions, which I’ve only achieved with you being there,

In a beautiful garden, inhaling the breath of fresh air.

We are two things made up of same compound,

Wanna cuddle in your arms and lose myself in a sleep so profound!!

P. S. – Back from exams ??

Had A Dream!!

So, here I was last night in my cosy bedroom, reading my novel ( which I’m about to complete and will provide a review ASAP) and with it taking sips of coffee. Feels like heaven , isn’t it ? Of course yes!!

And then I don’t know, when I fell asleep. Looks like, my whole day exhaustion made me fall asleep, because otherwise I never do that with having novel in my hand. Duhh!!

Well, the best part is that I had a dream. Ohh yeah!! A dream where I was in a room full of my favourite novels. Reading there whichever novel I grabbed like a retard, but who cares how I looked like ? The thing that only matters is here I was in my own world comprising a hell lot of books and food. Ohh yes!! A paradise I must say 😀

And then, my alarm shouting, no actually, screaming on my side and I woke up 😦 Destroying no wait, annihilating my dream so badly.

But, then I realised, cool down babe, you still have beside you a shelf full of great unread novels.

So, Chill!!

Sometimes , dreams are the ones who tell us or I should say teach us the real importance of reality.