Books that Inspire Human Spirit (A Discussion) – Guest Post #2

A guest post by literati Sandy Chin 🙂

I know I had been absent for sometime now due to my academics, so here I am with my next guest post by Sandy Chin. She runs an amazingly informative and extremely vibrant blog – The Olive Beetle. Do stop by her blog to get adrenaline kicking. Now, off you go and read this inspiring article she submitted 🙂

There are many books that remain with us. They live in our memories for different reasons. Often, we recall Roald Dahl with warm feelings of childhood, and recall J.R.R. Tolkien with feelings of other worlds. But today, I am going to talk about books that inspire our human spirit. So, I shall be mentioning two of those books.


The first is The Emperor of All Maladies by Siddhartha Mukherjee. In this book, readers are led through the history of cancer and witness human struggles and triumphs against this pervasive disease. With the humanness of narration, one can’t help but be drawn into this “war against cancer”. One is constantly delighted to find a vaccine alongside the researchers. One celebrates as the vaccine eventually gains success in human trials, albeit only ten years later. Two, one sighs as patients hold on dearly to their lives. Through these centuries of sheer perseverance of researchers, doctors and patients, we gain hope. We learn that hope is borne not out of blind faith, but out of effort – of continuous struggle, perseverance and unity. We may regard such a grave subject with apprehension; yet we must remember that human spirit is formed only through struggle.


The second is Awakenings by late Dr. Oliver Sacks. In this book, readers are led into lives that have been thwarted by the sleeping-sickness epidemic after World War I. Of the millions that fell ill to this encephalitis lethargica, only a small number survived. These patients were admitted to total palliative care institutions, where they lived in frozen states – unmoving, unmotivated – as non-persons. In 1960s, the drug, L-Dopa was introduced and these patients awakened. Finally, after decades, they were able to move, speak and write. They became persons again. However, the miracle was short-lived as many began to suffer side effects such as manic episodes of uncontrollable urges and temper. A few patients decided to be taken off L-Dopa, and receded back into their frozen states. Dr. Sacks recounted these individual experiences with deep reflective intelligence, honesty and compassion. The reader cannot help but be moved by their struggle, triumph and loss. Also, one gains wisdom through Dr. Sacks, in his determination to accommodate the sea of troubles. One learns that human spirit is borne not only through individual struggle, but also through having deep compassion for others.

Okay! So, if, you have any books that you wanna add to this list, then plz do. Also, you are welcome to comment the list of books that left a deep impact on you, in any special way 🙂

Cheers xoxo!

Young forever?

Ups and downs are a part of our lives. Learn from your mistakes and move ahead. Don’t give up so easily!
Read this wonderful post by my fellow blogger, who doesn’t shy away from propagating that life is a journey full of learnings. Don’t lose faith so quickly 🙂

Genius Unbound

Life is meant to be hard. Life is meant to be challenging, but not all lessons come through heart ache and struggle. Hardships are there to force us to dig deep and grow, as with positive situations that bring smiles to our faces. From the day we are born, until the day that we pass from this life, we will be learning and hopefully, becoming more valuable to those around us.

I like to look at life as on going schooling. Everyday there is something new to learn, whether it be from a bad experience or a good one. Where people go wrong in this learning process is that they have a tendency to take things personal as though negative things shouldn’t be happening to them and then they reject the lesson being taught…but its not there to break you. As we journey through life, lessons will be on going, some taught through pain and others taught through observation…

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The Secret – Rhonda Byrne

TheSecretLogoSo, this inspiring book was recommended by my class teacher. She narrated her real life incidents, after reading it, that she experienced and which changed her life.

This novel was my first book that I read and I am so glad that it was my ‘first’ novel. Why? I’ll tell you the reasons in a while!!

I’ll start with the cover. I know, there is a saying, “Do not judge a book by it’s cover”, but I am a kind of person, who likes to checkout the book cover before reading. And, I can surely say, that when you look at it’s cover, showcasing, “The Secret”, you feel like, there is something, some secret in it, which I too should know.

Well!! It is so true, because this book definitely contains a SECRET. SECRET of life, positivity, health, relationships and your goals. It contains a secret of living life, having positive and relentless attitude. Faith & believe are two words, that should never leave your dictionary of life. Giving & taking, but through a positive way.

It unravels in front of the true power of ” Law Of Attraction”, meaning, through your consistent positive desires, you send a strong, magnetic signal in the universe, which reverts to your desires, resulting in their accomplishment. You just need to have faith and believe in that positivity of desire (without getting it affected by the vibes of negativity and disbelief)  and you will surely come close to your dreams/ambitions.

Rhonda herself experienced the change, after she got to know about it. And I can say that, it was my destiny to read this magnificently inspiring book and get exposed to the world of books too.

My experience- I had this dream of pursuing literature and with my stubborn positive aim, I got my chance to fulfill it.

This book narrates various real-life incidents which some doctors, teacher, authors, etc, experienced after reading this book.

This book ends on a “Mantra” of-


and it is as powerful as it looks like.

A must read book for a positive living!!


Self-made Quotes


“Life is all about the vicissitudes of human countenance.”

“You are a mortal, untill, you become a part of writer’s writing.”

“I cogitated the whole world to be more resplendent than me, untill, I realized, that it was my ‘I’ and’eye’, which made it look so!!”

“Books are my knowledgeable medium of escaping from this hostile world.”

“Melting down in a pool of books, is of far more worth than, nagging about the reality. “