Book Review – The Promises We Made by Rohan Jain

Reviewing the first book of 2021 – The Promises We Made by Rohan Jain
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So, I have began my new year by reading this romantic novella by author, Rohan Jain. It is a classic romantic tale of two people who fall in love in the most unexpected circumstances in every way possible. They are faced with the ultimate question of how to confess their love for each other. Raj (Indian) and Sophia (German) are two students who meet in a foreign country with different cultural backgrounds but with their hearts beating for each other, irrespective of everything else. The characters are very nicely drawn and depict the kind of problems one is bound to face when people from two different cultural backgrounds meet. But all the differences become too small in front of the all-encompassing emotion called LOVE.

Second thing I liked the most about this novel is its vivacity. I have always loved reading novels with vivid descriptions; the kind of novels which stimulate my imagination and this book is sure one of them. When the protagonist, Raj, visits Switzerland, as a part of his internship program, the reader walks with him and enjoys the scenic beauty of this country. The description is so beautifully penned that you would want to pack your bags super quick and book a ticket to Switzerland.

Thus, I would sum up this book being a good one-time read. It provides you with the opportunity to experience the pangs of love along with journey of Switzerland. The plot is pretty predictable but still enjoyable.

Rating – 3/5

Jane Eyre – Charlotte Bronte

“I am no bird; and no net ensnares me: I am a free human being with an independent will.”
― Charlotte Brontë, Jane Eyre

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The free spirit writing of Bronte and the depiction of “wild” spirited Jane (protagonist) in the novel “Jane Eyre”, has been the attraction for many readers towards this feminist and widely read novel.

The Gothic elements, a critique of 19th century Victorian society, representation of repressed sexual desires of women, the Christian dogma and the bildungsroman of a rebellious protagonist, are some of the words which sum up this exquisite piece of writing by Charlotte Bronte.

Not like Austen’s “fairy-tale” romance, which although gives its readers a hope of feminism but eventually culminates into the hands of patriarchy, Bronte shows far more audacity and writes something which can be called feminist in a true sense.

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The novel starts with “Jane Eyre’s” autobiography presenting to us a protagonist ten years old and orphaned. She lives with her “cold-eye, stern-looking” aunt Mrs. Reed at Gateshead Hall, with her three cousins. The constraining and indifferent behavior of her aunt towards Jane does not stops her in-built rebellious nature against the injustice and she raises her voice against such cruel treatments. Although, the rebellion lands Jane into Lowood institution, where she is sent and abandoned by Mrs. Reed.

After completing her ten years of restrictive and Christian education, Jane finally finds a way to her freedom and applies for the post of a governess at Thornfield, where, our protagonist finds the love of her life, Mr. Rochester, a wealthy man of handsome property but older than Jane.

Jane’s character does not possesses any class-consciousness, instead her egalitarian and open responses towards Rochester, is what that attracts him towards Jane. But their marriage becomes a fail because of the exposed bigamy of Rochester and Jane runs away from Thornfield to Moor house, where she discovers her another cousins and gains wealth from the demise of her wealthy uncle.


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The temporal shiftings, not only suggests the external hardships of Jane, which has led to her unsettling character from place to place, but also becomes the manifestations of her inner on-going conflicts as well as struggles. The novel ends with the matrimony of Jane and Rochester (one-eye blind and crippled due to the mishap after Jane left Thornfield), which shows the winning of internal beauty over external and also the strong bond of love, which can overcome anything!

A benchmark novel with an undoubtedly the most intriguing love-story within it! ❤