Family Ties by Richard Risemberg

Richard Risemberg is a self-published & budding British writer. His genre specializes in exploring and sensitizing human relationships. His novel Family Ties, published in 2016, is divided into three sections. It is a mystery trapped in various complex relationships. One can say that it is quite similar to Khaled Hosseini’s, A Thousand Splendid Sons. As, the former depicts family issues of marriage, love, trust and war, similarly, the latter too showcases family relationships but with a twist of solving up a mystery.

The story opens up with a beautiful description of Lake Helena in Sierra foothills at Los Angeles. The protagonist, Lenny Strasser, a print shop production manager with his landlord and ex-cop friend Red Henshaw arrive here to relax. The narrative and plot of the story is simple yet complex. A Mexican couple Ray and Julia follow them and interestingly, the reason behind this action is not cited. Then, its revealed that landlord Red is missing. Lenny with his relative Uncle Angle, his friend Clarence and Mrs. Williamson, wife of retired cop Mae Belle Williamson investigate about the incident. The mystery begins its journey with the revelation of Red’s whereabouts along with Connie, another person surrounded by the mystery in a dying state. The novel ends in unraveling of a double mystery.

Thus, I rate this novel 5/5. To me, reading this novel was an exciting and overwhelming experience. The narrative technique developed a superb interest in me such that it made me curious to know what next now.

Till the last page of the novel, my heart beat had remained heightened. When I reached the moment that stated double mystery, it swayed me with many questions in my mind. Who kidnapped Red? Is it a personal revenge of someone? Will Lenny be able to save him? Will Lenny succeed in exposing the culprit? What if Red dies? Will the mystery be revealed? If yes, how? Thus, to witness the climax, the novel is must a read.

Moreover, the presentation of the novel in its mysterious form attracted my attention to explore what the mystery Is all about. Therefore, to conclude, the novel title is apt as it highlights the relationship of bondage, love, trust, faith and happiness. The author through mysterious ways has beautifully described the importance of these strong emotional concepts in a person’s life.

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The Man who Fell in Love with his Wife By Paul Burke

Paul Burke is a lesser known novelist and a better known copywriter & screen writer. Before becoming an author, Paul Burke wrote some of Britain’s best-loved TV commercials, including campaigns for Barclaycard, PG Tips, Volkswagen and Budweiser. He is best known for his book – Father Frank and The Man who Fell in Love with his Wife is his third novel.


“From the moment Father Frank Dempsey’s covetous gaze fell upon Sarah Marshall, he knew that his vow of celibacy was on a life-support machine. Once it became clear that his love was reciprocated, an invisible doctor had come in, coughed politely and switched it off.”

Seldom does a book leave an aftertaste so addictive, it leaves you craving for more. The sequel to “Father Frank” however does that and manages to live up to the glory of its prequel. The Man who Fell in Love with his Wife does an incredible job of giving a fitting end to Father Frank and Sarah Marshall’s love story. A Catholic priest’s celibacy vows end the day he meets his true love. They get married. Life after marriage isn’t as easy as it seems with Frank having to struggle for a job after having been under the church for so long. The story has its background set in England and has an Irish touch to it. The life of an Irish family is described hilariously and is informative in its own ways. His struggles in the world outside the church and his journey on being an actual father to twins are one of the many concepts explored in this book.

This book is very special because it has a rare genre that is usually dominated by very few authors. It is highly underrated and very cleverly put together. The author has woven an impossible yet realistic story at the same time which makes it so hilarious and charming. Be sure to check out this quaint and highly entertaining book. It is definitely worth an afternoon.

I would give this book a 4.5/5 for it’s humor and it’s ability to capture the readers attention till the end. It is definitely a must read. 

Pride and Prejudice – Jane Austen

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My first novel blog post in this “happy, happy 2015” with the first feminist author, Jane Austen. Yes, after hearing so much about Austen’s feminist writing skills, finally, I got my hands on “Pride and Prejudice”.

” It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife.”

The above quote, becomes the very synonym of the story of this novel and the very reality of the late eighteenth century British society.

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The story revolves around the middle-class gentry- Bennet family, consisting of Mr. & Mrs. Bennet and their five daughters – Jane, Lizzy, Kitty, Mary and Lydia. Though, the crux of the novel is all about getting the daughters married off to some well-propertied men, but Austen through this feminist novel, depicts the complex and inferior position of women, not only in the institution of marriage, but in the society as a whole.

The character of Elizabeth (Lizzy) Bennet, is shown in the light of feminism by Austen, through depicting her as a rational being as well as a free spirit. Though, Austen has not provided Elizabeth full freedom but still has given her a freedom of speech with the freedom of having a say, in making matrimonial decisions.

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The content circles around Elizabeth- Darcy and Jane- Bingley relationship, but the very contrast in the type of relationship these both pairs share, has been highlighted by presenting the latter pair being traditionally dependent on the societal way of weighing marriage, which is, marrying to a rich person (marrying only for a financially secured future), whereas, the former central pair depends upon monetary as well as emotional dependencies.

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The social context of the novel lies, when there was Industrial Revolution, followed by French Revolution and the Reign of Terror, culminating in the emergence of a new trade class, which alternatively, shook the landed aristocracy and marriage became the source of mediating between the two classes as well as acquiring wealth.

It is a “change of heart” novel, with a tone of irony and reality in it!

Have a read!