The fall of YouTube: Introducing the Trashy Side of YouTube

The fall of YouTube has begun and some of us has not noticed it yet. Thus, I think, more than anything else, it is my moral duty to bring into light the side of the YouTube which has fallen straight into a dark, logic less, dungeon. People still watching such garbage makes the situation more alarming than ever!

It’s Everyday Bro, the title says. I look at the number of views to decide if I should click on it or not. The number makes me gasp. The video has garnered 72 million views. I decide, I must watch this video. This is the story of how I wasted 3:41 minutes in my life. And it is the story of how I stumbled on the garbage-ridden side of YouTube.

Meet the Paul’s, Team ten, KSI and numerous YouTubers who have gifted the internet trash. They create dozens of videos where they supposedly “roast” each other because they have “beef” with them. The fights between these immature kids have resulted in millions and millions of views being generated and lots of time being wasted. In the name of vlogging, YouTubers today create fake fights with each other, waste money in buying cars and other expensive gadgets, make fake pranks, react to videos and so on. The best part of all these fights are the so-called disstracks. Disstracks garner views like no other video. “It’s Everyday Bro “was in fact a disstrack by a YouTuber made on his girlfriend. Now you may ask me, why am I so riled up by stupid acts if they are as dumb as I claim them to be.

In today’s world, anything is acceptable. Many parents do not know how to draw the line when it comes to their children. The current generation learns from its environment more than any other source. These children learn from their friends and from the internet/TV more than anyone else because their parents work for jobs, which start in the morning and end late at night (considering only the Indian middle class scenario). Parents give their children whatever they want to compensate for their absence at home. Without anyone at home (because nowadays traditional joint family system is void), children are prey to the internet and social media sites. With people like the Paul’s and other YouTubers who corrupt the internet with fake fights and extravagant spending, children get influenced in the wrong way. They think that getting extravagant gadgets and being in gangs helps their social standing. They fail to see the difference between fake fights and fake pranks and end up using social media sites to abuse the rival gang. What makes me more upset is the fact YouTube also does not distinguish between content and monetarily supports anyone with a lot of views on the internet.

Children are young. Their minds are fertile and reap the fruit of any seed sown in their mind. Be it good or bad, they fail to see things the way an adult sees it. Which is why protecting them is so important. Children do not realize how YouTubers think of them. They do not understand that they are just cash-cows to YouTubers for buying their merchandise and giving them views. Parents also don’t know how to say no to their kids. What worries me the most is how we are normalizing these kinds of behavior.

Today, literally everyone is making disstracks and roasting one another for the views. I wish YouTube learns to censor the rubbish on their website and monetize content that isn’t negative and destructive. More than that I wish everyone had the common sense to choose good content from bad.  And I wish Children would realize how they are fooled by their so called “idols”. I wish they knew that they are fooled into buying merchandise and supporting dim-witted YouTubers.

If things continue the way they are, one need never worry about getting tanned cause the future will surely be dark as the night sky.