Music Keeps Me Going! :D

Music is my “Nirvana”!!

Apart from reading books, music is the only other (& better) thing that keeps me going. I feel like it is an essential part of my soul; I just can’t live without it. I don’t know about you guys, but I have this really special spot for singers & guitarists ? To me, they are like some emissaries of God, sent on Earth to elevate our souls to a higher pedestal through their melodious singing.

Music is such a mesmerizing & out of the world thing which takes you to nirvana (at least in my case). No matter what I’m feeling, music is always there to provide me comfort through its companionship. I’m really short of words right now, as to how to convey the impact of music on my soul because it’s just so good.

Do you also think about music in the same way as I do? Yes/No?
Let me know about your thoughts on it in the comments section below 😀

True Love Is a Blessing!!

“Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same.” – Emily Bronte, Wuthering Heights

I want to introduce the aforementioned enchanting quote as an epigraph to the following piece of my poetry! ❤

Lucky are those, who fall in love,

and get the chance to experience heaven on Earth.

Disguised as a partner, they find their God,

with whose benediction, they prosper and thank Lord.

I found my paradise, when I met you, 

of heart so lovely, and nature so true.

Your hand touched mine and a spell of magic was created,

like in a human’s life balloon, nirvana is inflated.

You are my Adam, out of whom I’m designed,

I’m your poetry and you are my rhyme.

I wanna start my day with you becoming my muse,

it’s only you, who is my meat, my breath and my booze.

My head on your bosom, is the only picture I wanna see everyday,

Wanna sing and dance and revel in gay.

Like a canvas, which supports an artistic piece,

I want you to become my point of cease.

These are the emotions, which I’ve only achieved with you being there,

In a beautiful garden, inhaling the breath of fresh air.

We are two things made up of same compound,

Wanna cuddle in your arms and lose myself in a sleep so profound!!

P. S. – Back from exams ??