A Murder is Announced by Agatha Christie

The murderer has given an invitation in the newspaper that it is going to murder someone, but actually kills himself. Let’s see how Miss Marple will solve this case!

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I hope you must be in good health. In these tough times I can proudly admit that “reading is therapeutic”.

So, I just finished reading another classic from the “Dame” Agatha Christie and Ia m absolutely thrilled to write this review.

I have read books with Mr. Poirot as a detective but had never read one with Miss Marple. And this book – A Murder is Announced” features Miss Marple as the detective.

The book starts with an announcement of a murder. There is an advertisement in the Gazette that a murder is to take place at Little Paddocks (Ms. Letitia Blacklock’s) house at 6:30pm on October 29 and the whole village is invited to see it.

It seems like an odd ad and people think, including Letitia herself, that it’s some kind of a game that somebody had arranged. So, everybody goes at Ms. Blacklock’s place to see what is it. Now, when the clock strikes half past six, all the lights go out, a man with a torch comes and fires thrice. When the lights come back, we get to know that Miss Blackock’s ear is bleeding and this man is lying on the ground dead.

The man turns out to be Rudi Scherz, a Swiss guy working at a hotel. This whole scenario looks a lot confusing and surprising to everybody as who might want to kill Ms. Blacklock and then eventually would shoot himself?

When the sheriffs dig a lil deeper into Ms. Blacklock’s past they get to know that she worked for a tycoon who left all his wealth in her name. The conditions are that she will get the money after the tycoon’s wife dies or if Ms. Blacklock dies first then all the money would go to Pip and Emma, the children of tycoon’s sister.

Miss Marple aids to solve the case and the novel gets all the more interesting by each passing page. Christie make sures that readers find it hard to put the book down.

There are around 20-25 characters and each of them has a vital role to play. The suspense continues till the end and when it is revealed, it comes as a huge surprise.

I would definitely recommend this book to my readers.

My Rating – 5/5

Book Review – Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

A college going girl who is still inside her fangirl bubble and doesn’t like leaving her room. How she adapts to new lifestyle changes and what all happens? Read everything in my review of the novel Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell.

So, this book revolves around Cath and Wren, two identical twins who were inseparable until they went to college. While Cath still feels dependent on Wren and wants to spend as much time as possible together, Wren feels that it’s time that the two went their separate ways and found people to hang around with. Cath’s an introverted writer who spends most of her time in her room, writing fan-fiction while Wren’s an extrovert who likes to party and get drunk. Both of them had been Simon Snow’s fan but Wren wants to move out of this fangirl bubble while Cath is still inside it.

Since Wren doesn’t wishes to be Cath’s roommate so Cath has a new roomie. Her roommate Reagen, a character I personally loved, is a total badass who couldn’t care less about the world, their friendship is one of the most precious relationships in the book. It may not be the most obvious one, but it’s amazing. Cath initially has a hard time getting out of her room and has absolutely no friends, but as the story proceeds, Cath makes heartfelt connections which made me smile so much throughout. Cath’s an over thinker, she probably over thinks about over thinking if you ask me, but she’s the nicest character. The kind you want to put in a glass box so nobody could hurt her. The relationships portrayed in the book are probably the best part about it, for me at least. And not just the romantic ones, the one between Cath and her father, the one between Cath and Wren, even the non-existing full of resentment relationship Cath had with the mother who abandoned her.

When I started college, I had the same worries as Cath, about not knowing anyone, about being all alone, about what to do and where to go, it’s such an honest, well written story that I can’t help but think about how much I liked it.

That being said, I do feel that sometimes, Cath’s character was just a little too whiney, like a child who refuses to grow up but well, aren’t we all children who just don’t want to grow up either?

I give this book a 4/5.

Here’s To Why I Think Narcos TV Series Is An Eye-opener!

Narcos is an American crime drama which featured on Netflix as its exclusive in the year 2015. It is created and produced by Chris Brancato, Carlo Bernard, and Doug Miro. It is a historic drama aimed at showing the world how drug trafficking affected places like Columbia, USA, Cali. The two seasons of Narcos which have aired till now, feature the life story of Pablo Escobar who was the first drug lord to start dealing cocaine overseas. While the much awaited third season, is currently running since 1st September, featuring The Cali Cartel, a group formed by the Rodriguez brothers and Santacruz.

With a really new concept for historical drama, Netflix started the show by creating a lot of hype. But the real challenge was to not let fiction overrule the actual history and yet have an interesting plot line. The plot is fast paced and thrilling at every point of time. Although we can see both the DEA and Pablo Escobar’s point of view in the story but it never feels dragged or repeated. The show is really gripping and once you start its hard to let go.

Although it focuses on drug trafficking but other political and crime concerns of the world are highlighted as well. Like the communist propaganda which created nuisance in the country. We see the world in a new light and a different perspective, gradually opening our eyes to the evils of drug trafficking. Although two seasons were too short to explain the history, and the characters of the show, but they still managed to bring into limelight certain significant points. For instance, the contradicting character of Escobar can be deciphered without much efforts. We can clearly see how Escobar was a family man who wanted to help the poor but on the flip side he killed people without a second thought, . He not only influenced people through his robin hood image but also tried his hand in politics.

Season 1 and 2 showed a violent drug lord while season 3 will focus on Cali Cartel which are a more subtle bunch of people and hence, harder to catch, creating more problems for the DEA. I had been eagerly waiting for the third season and now, that its out, I cannot tell you how excited I am.

I would give this show a 5/5 as it has a very intriguing storyline. I would recommend you guys to watch this show as it provides good details of history showing bits and pieces of the actual incident.

The Night of – A TV Show More Than Just a Simple Crime Drama!

The Night Of is an American Crime television show that was premiered in 2016. It is a miniseries based on Criminal Justice, a 2008–09 British television series. The plot of The Night of revolves around a college student Nasir Khan (Riz Ahmed) and a crime that he may or may not have committed.

One night Nasir’s invited to a party and takes his father’s cab without permission. However, when Andrea Cornish (Sofia Black-D’Elia) gets into his cab, he has trouble telling her to leave the taxi. Soon, they both end up at Andrea’s place where they consume illegal drugs and get intimate. The next scene shows Nasir waking up in the kitchen and going upstairs to get his things, which is when he discovers that Andrea is dead. In blind panic, he runs out of the house only to realize that he left his keys inside. He breaks in to her house, grabs his jacket which has his keys, a vial and a blood covered knife. A neighbor sees him breaking into Andrea’s house and run out a minute later and calls the police.

Nasir is pulled over a couple of blocks away for taking an illegal left turn. Once at the police station, the knife is retrieved from his jacket and he is taken into custody.

The entire season which has 8 episodes revolves around this case where Nasir pleads his innocence over and over again. Nasir is put into Rickons Prison awaiting his prosecution, where he is attacked twice, after which he makes connections with Freddy (Michael K. Williams) an influential prisoner.

Towards the end of the season, changes in Nasir’s personality are evident, from looking like an innocent college student; he turns into looking like a true stereotypical colored convict. It shows how wrongly convicting someone of a crime can sometimes turn innocent citizens into criminals.

The show also shows the negative/racist reaction of people towards the Muslim community after Nasir’s arrest, it portrays their status in the citizen hierarchy and the injustices they face regardless of their status of citizenship.

This show kept me on the edge at times, while left me completely uninterested at times as well. The suspense building up throughout the season led me to a great deal of disappointment at the end. Whether or not the ending was to my liking, it was realistic and relatable.

You’d have to watch to know who killed Andrea and whether or not justice was served.

I’d give this show a 3/5 rating.

How Well Does Riverdale TV Series Portray Archie’s Comics?

I grew up reading Archie’s comics and always rooted for Archie and Betty. Every morning, I would ecstatically open the newspaper just to read the Archie comic strip under the comic section. My joy knew no bounds when I discovered that it was being transformed into a TV series, appropriating the original characters and placing them in the mysterious background of the fictitious city of Riverdale.


The show developed by Roberto Aguirre Sacassa, cannot be specifically put under one genre-category. The show revolves around the life of Archie Andrews (KJ Apa) and his friends Betty Cooper (Lilli Reinhart), the perfect and pretty girl-next door, Veronica Lodge (Camilia Mendes), the newbie rich and hot girl from NYC and Jughead Jones (Cole Sprouse), his ex best friend. It is set against the peaceful background of Riverdale, where things become dark and ugly after the mysterious disappearance and death of a student, Jason Blossom who was engaged in a love-affair with Betty’s sister, Polly Cooper.

The gang tries to unravel the mystery and realize that they and their families are somehow involved in it. It is dominantly a thriller, but can also be classified as a teenage drama series with the clichéd ‘bitchy’ cheerleader squad, a basketball team in which players regard themselves as the ‘chosen ones’, where loners are considered to be losers but end up being the coolest. It is quite emotional and exciting as everyone has some or the other secret to keep.

Further, there are romantic subplots, where Archie has a romantic stint with his music teacher. Most popular is Betty’s love for Archie and how later these feelings get directed towards Jughead.

Though, Riverdale is like a mix of so many genres, with subtle comedy and a dark mystery, it certainly isn’t no match to the comics and in no way can replace the fun which was procured by skimming through the pages of Archie’s Comics. However, it is still entertaining and refreshes the viewers. It’s just 1 season i.e. 13 episodes old and the second season will air in October, 2017. The season finale did leave the viewers with so many unexpected turns and unanswered questions, that I’m sure they would eagerly be waiting for the next season.

I would give it a rating of 3.5/5.

Is It Worth Watching Grey’s Anatomy? (A TV Series Review)

Grey’s Anatomy has been one of the few shows I watch religiously, the first season broadcasted in 2005 but I only found out about it by 2012. So by the time I started watching it, 6-7 seasons had already been broadcasted. At first I didn’t understand what all the hype was about, I mean it is just a show about doctors, or so I thought.  But then, when I started following it, I realized that Grey’s Anatomy is so much more than just a show about doctors.

The show revolves around Dr. Meredith Grey and her friends, their story – from starting out as interns to becoming doctors.  It’s true that you don’t exactly need to watch the previous episodes to be able to enjoy the one you’re watching but unless you do, it’ll probably be hard to understand the story line.  One of the many great things about this show is that even though one of the main characters is Dr. Grey, the producers never let other characters seem less important.

Over these thirteen seasons, Shonda Rhimes, the creator of this show has won many hearts as well as broken them. The surprises and the shocks in this show have honestly, often left me numb- among other things. You never know while watching an episode if by the end you’ll be happy, bitter or sad. It is so unpredictable yet so consistent. It is exhausting.

The chemistry between characters, as the show proceeds sometimes gets a little confusing. There’s so much happening everywhere, whether it’s the friendship Christina and Meredith share, or the one Dr. Webber and Dr. Bailey share, it is annoying how well the pairings are.

Grays Anatomy will make you shed tears, feel joy, it will make your heart skip a beat, it will most definitely make you want to stop watching it, but most of all, it will make you see the brighter side of things.

Meredith Grey from the starting of the show has been dealt a bad hand, but how she gets through whatever is thrown her way is admirable. At one point, I wanted to yell at the creators and the producers to tell them to give the girl a break because that’s how emotionally investing the grasp of this show is. It will ruin your life, in a good way, of course.

I’ve always been a fan of drama, and the dramatics of this show are amazing. I give this show a 5/5.

My Take on the TV Series – Suits

Aaron Korsh is the creator and writer behind this captivating American legal drama TV series- Suits . The lead characters are Patrick J Adams as Mike Ross and Gabriel Macht as Harvey Specter.  The story revolves around how Mike joined an eminent law firm without a graduate degree and how Harvey and Mike are trying to keep their secret safe amidst all the chaos in their personal and professional lives. With good looking characters and a good backdrop the series creates an interest for the viewers

If someone asks me why you like Suits the first thing I would say is because of Harvey Specter. There is something about that character that holds you and makes you want more of him. If intelligence is something you look for in a character then Harvey is full of it. His sassy remarks and outspoken attitude might have gained enemies in the show but it’s a great entertainment for the viewers. Harvey also has this emotional and humane side to him which I find very appealing. Harvey was the only one who first discovered Mike’s talent and gave him the job in spite of him being a college dropout. The character of Mike, in the show, is a hope to all college dropouts who have talent but are not given an opportunity. Hence, the show in its own way gives light to the issue of whether knowledge and experience matters more than talent and intelligence or vice versa?

I feel that the story line of Suits is a little bit dragged and lacks uniqueness but the characters steal the show. I watch the show not to see how the story progresses but to see how the characters are developing and their interactions with one another. Even side characters like Donna has some clever remarks up her sleeves and can entertain anyone even if her appearance in an episode is short.

I would give this show a 3.5/5 as although the characters are well portrayed and dialogues are really catchy and witty but the story line lacks uniqueness. And somewhere, the plot loses its identity and only the characters are the main reason one would watch the show till the end.

Aamar Jiban (An Autobiography) By Rassundari Devi

Aamar Jiban, published in 1876, is an autobiography by Rassundari Devi. It is the first autobiography written by an Indian woman and also the first written by any Bengali male or female. It tells us about the status of women in the 19th century Indian society. It was the first full length autobiography published in the Bengali language.

Nineteen century education viewed a traumatic  experience as it uprooted a child from security of her own home and exiled her forever to mercy and control of other strangers.


The title in itself mentions all about a woman, Rassundari Devi, that depicts her pain, struggle, determination, hope and success that she has faced in terms of education.

Her life story focuses on issues such as child marriage, caste, education, superstition and discrimination because her writing and her life stood in a peculiarly significant relationship to each other. This was so because she being fourteen was unwillingly thrown into the marriage ritual for which she was not developed both physically and mentally as it was a superstition that if a woman reads and writes, then she is destined to be a widow. It felt to me as if a meek and submissive woman has committed a crime by bringing up the idea of education and also as if she was going against the grain of familial and social expectations. Moreover, in my opinion, a kind of paradox is set in the society that women’s job is to maintain the unending flow of domestic chores of cooking and child rearing. Therefore, it can be said that she in a way has proclaimed her predicament to the whole world through print and by reserving the image of a self-effacing wife who suffers her deprivations with smiling forbearance.

Rassundari Devi had an irrepressible urge to read but was forbidden from the path of education because she was a woman thus highlighting the idea of inequality. But, she holds a strong position in terms of education by the talent of her writing skills thus creating equality in the society by becoming an inspiration for many other women. Thus, it can be concluded by the very famous quote that a feminist author Virginia Wolf has said “A woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write a fiction.” And lastly, it also states the concept of Bildungsroman as she from a lower stature has successfully developed herself into a published writer.

A must read as it gives a deep insight on the life of Indian women in the nineteenth century India.

Ladies Coupé by Anita Nair

This gem was hiding in my shelf for years and I didn’t notice it. So, when recently, I rearranged my bookshelf, I saw this novel staring at me with puppy eyes as if begging me to read it. And, guess what, I did. And, after finishing Ladies Coupé , I was so angry with myself for not reading this precious possession before! Ladies Coupé by Anita Nair is a book with which dreams are made of.


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Therapy- Jonathan Kellerman

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The name should be KILLERMAN instead of Kellerman, because this guy just nailed it!?

After having a not-so-good experience with Baldacci’s True Blue, I decided to take up another thriller and voila! I made the right choice.

Therapy is a psychological thriller and you will just love it. Starting from a simple crime scene, where we have two teens dead, up at Mulholland, in a car – Gavin Quick and an unidentified Blondie- this novel ends in the most unexpectedly surprising manner!

Gavin Quick, a brain-damaged child with OCD, is murdered and the reason behind it, is just so large to even guess it! The gay cop, Milo and our psychologist sidey, Alex Delaware, take up the case and jump into this complex murder mystery.

Already finding it a not-so-normal murder mystery, the case becomes even more muddling, when Gavin’s post-accident psychologist, Mary Lou Koppel is also found murdered at her apartment, in the same manner as the Blondie was murdered, which was, a .22 bullet shot plus an impalement through a rod.

Too many suspects, but not finding any connection with a motive to murder a teen and his therapist! In the middle of the story, you start feeling, that you are in a pool where every character you meet, needs a therapist, even the therapists themselves need to go under the therapy. The plot stretches way beyond our imagination, and this teen related crime unravels the billion dollar scam going on in the country by government people, psychologists with a help of few thugs.

An interesting psyche-thriller with amazing “unputdownable’ quality. Kellerman is a very aware and intellectual author, who covers political issues with a dose of psychology and mysteries.

Even if it was a fiction work, Kellerman has touched on issues like – sexist view towards LGBT, Israel-Palestine conflicts, genocides, scams in government sector, psychological disorders, etc. So, apart from enjoying the plot, you also get educated about various issues!

Glad, I bought this novel?

Amazing! Looking forward to read more work by him??