Iron Queen- Julie Kagawa

Okay, I think I am getting addicted to this Fey series by Kagawa. Till now, I thought only Harry potter and twilight series were addictive, but no, this fey series is far more thrilling than those.

Kagawa writes exceptionally good. So, Iron Queen is a sequel to her first two books- Iron King and Iron Daughter. And, with every part I read, it becomes more and more fascinating. Thi book also have our half-blood, Meghan Chase in the centre, in her never ending journey in the faery land, Nevernever. But this time, she has been exiled from the faeryland, because she fell in love with the Winter prince, Ash and as the rules of the faeryland says, that, Winter and Summer cannot fall in love, therefore they get exiled.

I liked it more than the first book, Iron King, as meghan and Ash’s love only increases day by day in this book. So romantic!! They get more meaning of their love and come very close. The way Kagawa describes their love is, I should say is, mesmerizing.

This time Meghan is not on any quest of finding her brother or something like that , but, on a journey of killing the False King. Earlier, she killed the Iron king, Machina, who on geting killed transferred his “Iron” glamour into Meghan, and now she has to kill the another Iron king, who wants the iron glamour from her. In this book, she also realises that she has two glamours inside her, that is, Summer and Iron. She also gets to meet her long lost mortal father, Paul and gets answer to her so many questions.

She goes through so many hurdles and obstacles to kil this “False King”, almost dying herself. One sad part is, that the lovers gets separated in the end as meghan chooses to be the Iron queen and as normal faeries are deadly to Iron, Ash and she goes apart.

We have humor from our witty Puck (Robin Goodfellow) and of course our intelligent cait sith, who is never wrong, Grimalkin.

Must Read!!







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