Death Served Cold by Sourabh Mukherjee

Read the saucy review of such a saucy book.

As the title suggests, Death Served Cold is a collection of stories of cold-bloodied murders based on true incidents. These murders are all-the-more shocking because of the fact that these involve women. 

A woman, as we know, is always considered to be loving, caring and kind. Therefore, it becomes hard to imagine that a life-giving creature can also be a life-taking one. And this happens sometimes due to circumstances, greed and lust which turns her into a cruel and merciless being.

Another connecting dot for all the murders is that the convict is a close relative/friend of the victim who plotted against them. The message being conveyed here is that one should never trust anyone blindly.  The author has included references to the stories at the end of the book, for better understanding. 

The author Sourabh Mukherjee, in this book, has beautifully captured the dark side of women who not only planned these gruesome crimes but also executed them perfectly.

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